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[eBay Plus] Australian Made Merino Wool Quilts from $47.20 Delivered @ Linen Dreams eBay


Electricity prices going up, temperature going down.

Stay cosy with these popular Australian made Merino Wool Quilts

Weight ratings: 200GSM, 350GSM, 500GSM and 700GSM (grams/square metre).

Sizes: Cot/Cotbed, Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King and Super King.


MACHINE WASHABLE version here from $58.40 Delivered

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  • Why dry clean only? What happens when you wash it in a washer at home?

    • I'm curious too. No way I would bother dry cleaning a quilt.

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      The wool felts, we tried it and it ruined one of these quilts

    • I have a dry clean only (not from these guys) and didnt know and washed them for years (obviously only gets washed once a year or something and had no issues.

  • +4

    a little cheaper at woolworth

    • wow thanks for linking, didnt know woolies sold these

      will pick one up tomorrow

    • is this click and collect-able? says its a Sold & shipped by an Everyday Market Partner. wanted to check if my nearby store have stock…

    • $82 at my woolies. This is waaay cheaper.

    • -1

      Merino Woolworths

  • should i get 700 or 500 for this Melbourne weather? and free return for Ebay plus right?

    • 700gsm for sure it is super comfy

  • Is this better than a quilt with duck/down feathers for winter in Brisbane (and potentially for the whole year?).
    I'm not sure if wool might be too hot for Brisbane weather

    • +1

      down is much warmer for the same volume, but is significantly more expensive and harder to maintain. Also, all down is not the same. Feather percentage and loft both affect the performance of the down.

      • Thanks, got it

  • +2

    Can anyone comment on the quality of these compared to say Minijumbuk?

    • I was looking too, minijumbuk comes with 7 years warranty but on sale for at David Jones for $360 I believe.

  • +1

    Got the 700gsm from the eBay plus special. It’s good for Sydney winter. Nice and warm. Quality is good. No complaint

  • +2

    User experience:

    This is our second Melbourne winter with a 200gsm QS on our bed.

    • We heat to 20°C during waking hours and our home doesn't lose more than 3°C on a cold night.
    • We also have a sheet under the doona - and it is warm enough for me.
    • The extra sheet does seem to increase heat retention.
    • Ms Lostincanberra would probably prefer the 350gsm option - and we've done that before (2 separate single doonas; 200gsm for me, 350gsm for her) but it gets complicated as the weather (eventually) starts to warm up.
    • Zero complaints about quality. Good value.
  • If you want to use it all year round i wouldn't go above 350gsm, you can always add a doona or blanket under the quilt to add warmth, but you cannot remove from a 700gsm, which means you can only use them during winter really unless you like being really toasty in summer.

    • +1

      My wife still uses 700gsm since last winter without any discomfort, Brisbane

      • This same product? I guess you use AC during summer?

  • Does anyone know if there are differences between all their listings on Ebay? I'm not sure if I bought the right one because I searched it up instead of clicking through OzB & then just clicked the first post not realising it was a different listing

    • +1

      They have different products.

      I have the non merino, cheaper wool quilt. No complaints. Merino is better for textile, not so much as wadding in quilts.

      So if you got a cheaper listing, pat yourself on the back.

  • Have had this quilt for 2 years, they are nicely made and are of high quality. The wool is great at holding in warmth and keeping you warm.
    After using this I can't see a good reason to spend hundreds of dollars for a brand name quilt when this one is very good for fraction of the price.

    I get it dry cleaned twice a year, If you choose machine washable make sure you have a big enough washing machine and dryer to handle it since line drying outside could take days to fully dry all the way through and risk the quilt getting mold/mildew.
    You could take it to the laundromat but I find it a little sketchy not knowing what has been put through those machines.

    • +1

      What does it cost to dry clean one of these?

  • +1

    Ordered! Thanks to those who wrote reviews having currently owned these.

    Now what to do with my Ebay Plus for the month…

  • You can also buy machine washable. I bought last winter and and it's good. Make bit scratchy sound while you move because of material used…


  • -1

    Does it come the skin too or is it just hair?

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