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Convoy S2+ SST20 Flashlight US$9.99 (~A$13.96) Delivered @ Hekka


A repeat of this popular deal with coupon limited to 100 units.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • LED:luminus SST20 LED with DTP copper plate
  • CRI:Ra(4000K/2700K)=95, Ra(6500K/5000K)=70
  • Driver: 7135 biscotti firmware
  • Low voltage warning: Yes
  • Reverse polarity protection: Yes
  • Lens type: Ar-coated Glass
  • Reflector: Smooth
  • Mode memory: Yes
  • Tailstand: Yes
  • Battery included: No
  • Required battery type: 18650 lithium (protected or unprotected)
  • Required battery quantity: 1pcs
  • Height: 118mm
  • Width: 24.1mm
  • Weight: 76g

To get price in title (thanks to cwongtech)

  • Use UNITED STATES when you create the account (on the side bar) and NOT Australia
  • Add an Australian Shipping address
  • Apply coupon Hekka06013 at checkout

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD

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  • +1

    entering coupon shows "doesn't meet requirements" for me

    • I checked again and coupon works on my end.

      Have you created an account or checking out as a guest?

      • Does not work. I give up

      • Way too hard to make this deal work. Website seems to only render when I am on a non-AU VPN. Shopping cart keeps emptying, need to set a US region to get code to work. Mucked around way to long trying to get this to work. Gave up in disgust.

  • @adr8
    What's the battery life like?

    Also.. you have multiple brightness versions on the website.

    Any recommendations? What would be cool is to have a picture of each light next to each other showing how it looks (by next to each other I mean photo's, not all the lights at the same time)

    • +1

      I got mine from the last deal today so unsure on battery life. 4000K seems to be the popular choice. After watching a YouTube review comparing it with the 5000K I went with the latter as I prefer slightly cooler light.

  • +2

    Showing "Doesn't meet requirements"

    • Having this issue as well, damn, did it already run out that quickly this time?

      • Appears to be a glitch with the website. Have you tried updating your address?

        • +1

          Tried updating address, still getting same error. Was going to buy a few as well.

          edit. Seems to work now..

          • +2

            @dunnoz: I figured it out! You need to create a new account, but leave it as UNITED STATES when you create the account (on the side bar) and NOT Australia

            You can still add an Australian Shipping address when you checkout (you may need to re-enter coupon code after you update your address)

            In checkout, when you go coupons, if it says "1 coupon available" (not included the provided one in this post), means you need to create a new account.

            If you have 2 coupons (some accounts that I created with Aus glitched this way) or 3 coupons available (when you create a new acc using UNITED STATES) - the coupon will be accepted :D

  • +1


    Bought the 6500K last deal, excellent build quality

    Going to grab a 4000K and 5000K for this time

  • Thanks Op, Just bought one, perfect for me as I'm going to get back into during this winter :)

  • +3

    Am i being lazy or is having to buy a battery and charger separately too much of a hassel? Seems easier to just wait for another Wuben C3 deal to come along as a complete package?

    • +1

      yes you just been lazy, close your ozbargain account and join ipayfullprice.com.au

      • +1

        Seems easier to just wait for another Wuben C3 deal to come along as a complete package?

        He said it seems easier to wait for another deal to avoid needing to buy a separate charger. How does that make him a likely member for ipayfullprice.com.au?

        • That's right, a single deal rather than me scouring the Interwebs for a deal on a battery (that I know nothing about) and a deal on a charger (which I know nothing about) and would only be for this battery, doesn't seem like a good overall deal.

    • that's me. simply bring a powerbank to charge overnight at a campsite and ready to use again.

  • Mine just arrived today also from the last deal. I chose the 6500k so as to differ from my other S2+ which is warm. The issue I have is the led is totally different, this new one being very small (physically) and casting a centre light almost like a thrower. Comparing the width/throw of the new vs old at about 2m the centre width of the new one is about 25cm, the old one is about 60cm. I have another thrower so was expecting this to be like the previous one, more close range usable which it is not. Not a big deal but just putting it out there, especially given the size of the led globe. Weird.

  • Not after a pin point beam long distance but something with medium distance and wide beam for around the house. Any similar priced options?

    • +1

      For $14, you wont find much better than this.
      I think this would be fine for around the house, has a number of different brightness levels and definitely doesn't feel very pointy

  • Code doesn't work. 'Doesn't meet requirements'.

  • So I bought one of these. What is a recommended, affordable 18650 for it? Thanks

  • Junk torch. My one failed straight out of the box with led blinking every 3-5 seconds on every mode. Using Sony 18650 Batteries as well. Tried LG 18650, same issue. Let me guess, for warranty, I pay $20 to ship a $14 item back and wait 2 months to receive a replacement and hope that one works?

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