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[eBay Plus] 12% off: Dell UltraSharp U2722D 27in QHD IPS Monitor $487.91 Delivered & More @ Titan_Gear eBay


Enjoy :)

  • 27" 16:9+QHD 2560 x 1440 IPS panel
  • Brightness 350 cd/m²
  • Contrast Ratio 1000:1
  • Response Time 8 ms (grey-to-grey normal); 5 ms (grey-to-grey fast)
  • U2722D
  • 3 Year Warranty

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    ?? what is good about this over the S2721DGF

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      The Ultrasharp line is factory calibrated for accurate colour work. They are designed for video/photo work, not gaming where the DGF excels.

      Also question marks generally follow the end of a sentence. the grammar [email protected]! 😉

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        Thank you Master Bates. That was actually quite informative and I'm sure the wider Ozbargain crowd will now understand this product and benefit from your comment

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          You’re welcome!

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          That's why he's the master.

          • @Aeongrave: But is he a master of bating, or a…

            Oh…wait…I see.

      • I believe according to Tim from Hardware Unboxed that the out of box colour accuracy is pretty good for the DGF. Admittedly, I colour calibrated my DGF before I looked at the colours…

        • All of my DGFs (3) had a yellow cast out of the box. When compared to my old Ultrasharp it was very noticeable.

          How did you calibrate your DGFs?

    • Pros (over S2721DGF):

      • Factory calibrated (however, if you have a hardware calibrator, then this advantage might not be that useful).
      • Likely to have a better grade / type of IPS panel (in terms of colours, slightly better viewing angle perhaps). Note: I am speculating on this one.
      • USB 3.2 gen 2 (10gbps) hub. (DGF's hub is limited to USB 3.2 gen 1 / 5gbps).
      • DisplayPort output feature. (page 18 of the user guide seems to indicate DisplayPort MST is supported, but double check with Dell before purchase first if this feature is important to you).
      • Better warranty (1 bright pixel and advanced exchange service).
      • More likely to get firmware updates.

      Cons (over S2721DGF):

      • No high refresh rate.
      • Due to DisplayPort Out feature, you only have 2 input ports for displays (instead of 3 on S2721DGF).
      • More expensive.

      So, in short, this monitor is geared towards work. The USB 3.2 gen 2 hub is certainly interesting. You need to decide whether they worth the extras. Obviously, it is not for gaming.

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    Do they have the one with IPS Black panel on sale?

    • Yes the U2723QE can it be had on sale?

  • JBL refurbished…
    Still second hand goods

  • Mum has asked me to help her find a monitor for work.

    She came from 24inch, but finds she squints at the screen.

    Can anyone recommend a monitor solely for productivity, thinking either 27 or 32". Do monitors have functions to split the screen into two?


    • +1

      Just go with the cheaper 27" 1440p/QHD Dells (deals here regularly) if it's for productivity work. Use PowerToys to create good split screen layouts.

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      100% get the Dell S2721QS. Normally goes on sale for $300 and is 4K

      • I head 4k makes everything look very small though?

        • +1

          Most (but not all) apps these days scale pretty well, so 150% scaling on a 2160p monitor is basically a sharper 1440p for most popular applications. If it's close enough to you or you have decent eyesight you can get away with 125% and have more screen real-estate.

  • any good 32"+ 4K monitors for productivity. High refresh rate not needed, just screen real estate.

    • Lenovo 4k 31.5 inch goes alright

    • Happy with the S3221QS from Dell that now and then pops up cheap here. No USB C monitor in and it hates my Macbook Air. But compared to cheap Samsungs it has actually sound!

  • Get the BenQ SW line, I had this monitor, it started to give me red edge, right after 3 years warranty expired so I ended up with a dead monitor

  • How does this compare to retina?

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      For desktop, to be blunt, retina is just an excuse we use to get a higher resolution monitor on a display size that's not suitable for 1:1. However, 4K 27 inch monitors are priced so well (especially when discounted), we all use "retina" as an excuse to get them.

      However, the reality is after display scaling, we are only getting a desktop space of 2K equivalent. Don't get me wrong, I have multiple 27 inch 4K monitors. While consuming 4K contents is okay, editing 4K contents isn't good on 27 inch (too small). For real work, retina doesn't beat ultra wide monitor or dual monitors.

      Monitor purchasing is subjective. No real point asking other people. You decide what you want and what suits you best. Don't let others influence you. If you prefer retina, get high resolution monitors.

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