Amazon Prime Member Postage Charges for Order Fulfilled and Shipped by Amazon on $60 Item

Apologies if this is in the wrong place or a duplicate but I'm after some information on Amazon Export Sales that is fulfilled by and shipped by Amazon US.

I'm a Prime member looking at buying an Item (a pair of jeans) from Amazon that's $60.

The item is both fulfilled by and shipped by Amazon US however it still incurs postage charges. Going into the product the Seller is Amazon Export Sales LLC (

Does anyone know why an item would be fulfilled and shipped by Amazon US but not eligible for Prime? I can see that other colours and styles are eligible but not the one I want (which also happens to be a lot cheaper). Is this likely to be a dodgy third party seller?

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    Not all products from Amazon US are eligible for Prime delivery to Australia. There's probably some internal algorithm that determines it.


    • The free ones are most likely ones that are FBA stored in USA. The ones that are not free may shipped from third party seller directly.

    • Thanks, it may be something like this. These aren't the jeans but is an example of how it displays.

      There's some sizes that are really cheap and not Prime eligible but fulfilled and shipped by Amazon US but the more expensive ones are Prime eligible (the link below goes to one of the cheap ones):

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    Is it on sale? I've found lately that at normal price it's shipped for free via prime but if it goes on sale it has a shipping cost added. Noticed it for items sold and shipped by both Amazon US and Amazon UK.

    • I put an example link above. It's not really on sale as such, it's just cheap? Just trying to work out what it means

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        Weird. Maybe contact Amazon customer service and ask why it's not covered by Prime

        • Thanks for the advice. I called them but I didn’t really get a straight answer. Customer service confirmed that the product is sold and shipped by Amazon US (and subject to its return policy) but couldn’t tell me why they are or are not listed as being Prime eligible.

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