Best 55" TV for under $1,000?

I've been looking at helping my parents get a TV now they've downsized their house. They are moving up from a 32inch LCD from when the tech was new - SD Tuners!

For their room a 55 (technically 58 but meh) inch will fit perfect in the space they have.

I see the following ones as choices having a look around.

  • Hisense A7HAU - $895 (Potentially best value?)
  • Hisense U7G 55" - $995 (Probably bad Smart OS)
  • TCL P725 55" - $795 (2.0 HDMI)
  • TCL P615 55" - $695 (Previous model of above, missing AC wifi)
  • LG 55UP8000PTB 55" - $1,045 (Maybe a stretch, trying to see if it's worth the upgrade. Stock Speakers seem nice)

I'm wondering if I should try and get them to stretch to $1,200, as LG seem to be about to do the Smart Nano cell tv ( 55NANO77TPA )

Happy to go in store or order online, I've been looking at JB Hifi, TGG, and Appliances online. Should I be considering another brand or something else about to come out?


  • depends on their age. Drag them into store and buy what their eyes feel best. To my surprise TCL's have grown up but check how long they take to start up.

    • +2

      Also see what remote and smart os they are happy with

  • Ease of use of the TV is whats important. They probably won't appreciate the same things you do - they'll appreciate the screen is bigger, and that the menu system and remote is simple, or similar to their old one.

    • Very good points. I was considering if the OS was crap, to get a Chromecast TV to make the UI feel responsive and easy to use for them.

  • I bought a TCL C727 under $1000 and I was really impressed. Looked better than similar priced Hisense and the UI/OS is actually decent.

  • At the right time, samsung can go for that price

  • Something to consider is you can probably bargain the price of these TVs down further if you shop in-store. I managed to grab a 65" U7G from $1195 to $995 the other day for my parents also.

    If not, TGG has a deal where if you spend $500+ you can get $120 store credit if you pay using PayPal Pay in 4.

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