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15% off 3M Masks: 1870+ 20-Pk $58.65, 240-Pk $586.50 | 9320A+ 20-Pk $67.15, 240-Pk $671.50 + Delivery @ Coopers Workwear


Good evening OzBargainers!

Just saying hi and hello with a 15% discount for some of the best (maybe even the best?) masks around!

We have 3 types of 3M Masks:
  • 1870+ Aura - 20 Box $58.65 or 240 Carton $586.50
  • 9320+ Aura - 20 Box $67.15 or 240 Carton $671.50
  • 1860 - 20 Box $58.65

Please don't forget to use coupon code OZB at checkout for the 15% discount! :D

$10 shipping or MEL C&C. Free shipping when you spend $99+

Let me know if you have any questions! :D

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    Good deal… but i'm all drained out from spending $140/box during the pandemic.

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      Thanks, Savas! If you do ever need more masks, let us know!

  • What's the most comfortable one for long term wearing like flights?

    • +2

      I wish I could tell you what would be the most comfortable for you, but I can’t. It differs from person to person.
      I can however tell you that the 1870+ is our most popular seller by far.
      Judging by statistics alone, the 1870+’s would be your best bet.
      I hope this helps at least a wee bit! :)

  • Thanks OP, have been wanting to try the 1870+, ordered.

    • My pleasure. Thanks for shopping with us. :D

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    Where are these made please?

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      Our batches from 3M are made in Singapore. 3M have a plethora of manufacturing facilities around the world.

  • Isn’t it in 3M Australia’s terms that you as as retailer need to verify that a purchaser of the 1870+ needs to be a healthcare professional?

    See for example Sydney Tools which sells for $59 https://sydneytools.com.au/product/3m-xa010033554-20pack-aur…

    • Good morning!
      I’ve been told that by the boss man that this was because of the extreme stock shortage that Australia had. Now that we have ample supply coming in, it’s eased up on restrictions.

      • Were these purchased directly from 3M Australia?

        • Yes, direct from 3M.
          All come with batch number and certifications inside.

          • @fearkite: I've contacted 3M Australia, and they tell me: "This company Coopers Workwear that you refer to here do not currently have nor hold a direct account with 3M Australia, so they do not purchase any 3M products directly from 3M Australia."

  • Ordered and received fast with batch number and certification in box

    PERFECT !!! Thanks fearkite :)

  • Any chance of running this discount again? Missed it last time. Thanks

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