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[Zip] 2 Pizzas & 2 Sides $14.80 (Pick up) / $20.95 (Del.) | 3 Pizzas & 3 Sides $23.95 (Pick up) / $27.95 (Del.) @ Pizza Hut


Mondays only in June, must pay via Zip / Zip Pay.

Grab $10 off at Pizza Hut, every Monday in June.

$10 off the usual Existing Pizza Hut Combo Offers, as follows:

ZIP Monday's Special 2 PLUS 2 Combo
2 Large Pizzas & 2 Sides
$14.80 (Pick up) / $20.95 (Delivered)

ZIP Monday's Special 3 PLUS 3 Combo
3 Large Pizzas & 3 Sides
$23.95 (Pick up) / $27.95 (Delivered)

*Offer exclusive to Zip. Price is pick up, extra $4 for delivery. Discount applied at checkout. Runs Mondays in June only. Ends 27/06/22 11:59 AEST. T&Cs apply.

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    They have beat the previous offer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/682519

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    Thanks, Origin night dinner sorted. Just confirm this works for pre-orders?

    • Someone confirm this

    • Looks like it does not work for advanced orders.

      Order today and you see the two Zip offers at the top under 'Offers' tab.

      I selected for Wednesday, and the zip offers were removed. :|

      Can only enter the codes for collection on Mondays

  • Can't seem to checkout. Has every payment option to checkout except for zip.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    • Were you able to login to pizza hut with zip?

      • Nope, no zip pay option and everything is locked out.

      • No matter my login method, I tried all of them.. still No Zip option at the checkout. Also tried different mobile device. Swear to God I won't sleep until I get this deal.

        • did you figure it out? im having this problem too

  • +10

    sweet kid wanted pizza hut for his birthday dinner tonight, sorted

    • +7

      Happy birthday to your kid

    • +6

      Happy Birthday to your Champion

  • Are those only two options?

  • If it's an extra $4 for delivery then shouldn't it be $18.80 delivered? And with the save $10 it should be $8.80.

    • I think that extra $4 thing is just talking about the 3 pizza deal, the email also had the wrong prices so I wouldn't pay too much attention.

      Prices already include the $10 off (eg usually it's 2 pizzas & 2 sides $24.80 pick up using a coupon/deal, now $14.80 with this Zip deal).

      Normal coupon/deal example:

      2 Pizzas + 2 Sides $24.80 (Pick up) / $30.95 (Delivered) 30/06/2022

      • The 20.80 deal is impossible anyway, at least at my local store there is a $24.90 minimum for delivery.

        • Yeah, same here… Need $24.90… So much for 20.95 delivered!!!

  • +3

    I was going to make my own pizza. Can't justify that now.

    • -4

      but making your own will make your bladder smell less

      • oh come on you don't know the context

  • How do you get $10 off ?

    • +1

      The $14.80 etc. prices include the $10 off (usual coupon prices).

    • +1

      It looks like the deal is $10 off the coupons mentioned in the post.

      Its not just '$10 off anything you want'

  • Is it worth applying today to order tonight?

    Is it possible to get approved and buy for tonight?

    • Yes

  • you can only order for today, no scheduled pizzas

    • Why does ZIP waste our time?

      Don't make me open an account that I am only going to use maximum once or twice.

  • To get this deal you need to login with zip. Not sure what people are trying to do to this deal as it is working fine. When you login to pizza hut with zip you will see the offers and can select offer and get the deal.

    • Done that, logged in through zip, chose pizzas, applied coupon , no zip checkout option. RIP

      • Just select the deal after loging in. You dont need to pay with zip.

        Which store are you trying?

        • Yes you do, checkout is locked to a certain payment type. And that payment type isn't available to select.

          • @Twizted Bargain: Had the same problem but somehow it works if you change it to delivery instead of pick up

            • @Bargain-hunt: Must be why my local half an hour ago just decided to close up for delivery lol..

          • @Twizted Bargain: I had the same issue. Had to create a pizza hut account, create the order while logged into pizza hut and had to select Save Zip Payment details on the payment page. The button to connect with Zip does not appear unless you are logged to pizza hut site.

  • +1

    22 coupon is better than 33

    The cost of 1 Pizza and 1 Side from deal (22) is 14.8/2 = 7.40

    The extra cost of 1 Pizza and 1 Side from deal (33) is 9.15

    • 33 better for delivery.

  • I can't see the offer after logged in with zip

    • Which store are you trying?

      Try Willoughby NSW it works, or try another store, maybe its selected stores.

      • Thanks. Ordered after changing the store.

  • Cant be bothered getting it today.

    Next week is public holiday. So looks like it will be waiting till 20th or 27th.

    Remember to get free blue or maroon ranch dressing on pizzas lol. mmm wonder what that tastes like.

  • +3

    Pizza hut has confirmed the deal is not currently working, and no ETA for a fix

    • didnt work for me last week either xd

  • Voucher Not Found even after clicking the offer on the website…..

  • Worked for me, but I went through the zip website for it

  • +1

    BNPL for pizza (and pizza hut at that)?

  • Thanks OP, Just confirming no public holiday surcharge anyone who's purchased?

    • +1

      For me showing surcharges

      • Thanks so I gather today it’s plus 15% on those prices above.

  • Thanks ZIP, now if you’d only concentrate on the shareholders who lost thousands with you over the last twelve months 😜

  • Pizza hut ….🤢

  • Credit check for a pizza?

    • +1

      Just another symptom of the rising inequality crust in today’s society toppings

  • +1

    what are the codes for? I didn't need them to order

  • surcharge on pub holiday. blargh. dinner not sorted. saving for next week..

  • +1

    What a hassle signing up to Zip / syncing with the order.

  • +1

    How does zippay work? :S

  • anyone having any luck with orders? Mine I can't pay

    • Same, no Zip option at all.

      • u gotta log into PH with your zip ACC. took me ages to find out

        • I did. Logged in with zip account, saw the offer on front page but couldn't pay with Zip when checking out. Might be selected stores I guess? People above mentioned it worked after changing stores.

    • For me payment with Zip only works if logged in to Pizza Hut account.

      • So do you click on the last zip link on the pizza hut login page?

  • zip payments not working for me

  • Ordered on Pizza Hut browser (logged in to PH account). Logged in to Zip Pay at the payment method page. Paid & Picked up.

  • When I tried to order, after I click order with zip pay, it got stuck on waiting to complete the order. Did this happen to anyone?

  • -3

    going on the comments here most of these are not going thru,, so totally sounds like a scam & should be reported to the ACCC

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