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[QLD] Great Northern 0% 6-Pack $5 (BB Date 22-7-2022) @ Choice Discount Variety (Rothwell)


Great Northern 0% "Beer" drink
6 Pack
(Best Before Date 22-7-2022)


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  • +5

    im not against 0% beer and drink it regularly, but this really should be normal price

    • +2

      I don’t mind the 0% or 0.5% beer as an occasional alternative.

      But I don’t like that it’s up to $60 for 24 cans (Sidewinder, Heaps Normal…). The price of beer is approx. 45% tax, so surely beer with less than 1.5% ABV (the level at which tax kicks in) should be much cheaper.

  • -3

    if it doesn’t contain alcohol it’s not milk

  • Cocos Annerley have slabs for $15 at the moment of anyone is interested. BB in a month or two

  • $12 for a carton at golden circle outlet Capalaba and morayfield

  • +3

    This is soft drink, it should be priced like soft drink. There is no alcohol tax here…Normal price $12. Would anyone pay $12 for a 6 pack of Coca Cola? Nope.

    • +2

      52c a can @ $15 for 24.. wouldn't have tried them otherwise ;). Don't think you can get coke that cheap.

  • GC outlet Morayfield has them $4 6 pack and $11 slab at the moment

    • Most people would do their arse in fuel, but sounds cheap.

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