dodo vs tpg vs other? adsl2 broadband


I am a student and am planning to get adsl2 since i need more data ( i have been using mobile broadband) and have NO idea about adsl2 lol.

My question is what is the cheapest plan for me.
My criteria:
- less than $70 per month
-no contract longer than 6 months
-no "suprise fees" (from going over data limit)
-fast speed ( just for youtube and downloading k-drama's)
-more than 50 gigs (unlimited is fine if i dont have to pay much more)

I DON'T have an active phone line so i need to rent one i think. I do have a phone socket that use to be connected to optus if that helps.

So far I narrowed it down to the dodo and tpg unlimited but don't know which one to pick. Also on dodo, I have the option of naked adsl or bundled or boradband+homephone and i don't know the difference between them.

Also can someone explain the pricing to me? From what i got, the tpg one is $60/month while the dodo one is $40/month?



    Have a look at and see what suits you.
    Out of Dodo and TPG, TPG is a no brainer. Dodo has historically offered a crap service.

    If you don't want a long contract, you'll need to provide the equipment (router), but they aren't too expensive. Any ISP now that is worth its beans shapes you after you reach your download limit, instead of charging for excess data.

    Depending on what state you are in you have different options, and unless you find a cheaper line rental (or get a bundle deal), naked is the way to go (I am on naked with Amnet).

    Btw, the two plans you are comparing are different in more than cost. The Dodo comes in at $40/month, however only includes 10gb split over peak and off-peak times (peak is usually 7am to midnight, off-peak is usually midnight to 7am). The TPG plans at $60/month gives 500gb split over peak and off-peak. More comparable is TPG's $40/month plan, but that too gives twice the dodo amount.


    AZ-1TB $35.00 $20.00 1000 GB ** $100.00 No Contract NO $155.00
    It's called their ANZAC_ADSL2Optus special.^ @ $55.00 ~ reviewed very highly on whirlpool.

    Save: 15aud./mo from your 70bucks; but equally keep in mind, they may remove// upsell plan on u.

    nb. I have 100Mbit cable, so wouldnt touch ADSL, xDSL just isn;t reliable (:telstra infrastructure).


      The note l on reliability is not generally is in some rural areas our if you are very far from the exchange. There are maps around where you can find your local exchange location.


        Yeah I've read adsl2exchanges, mine isnt distance, fortunately. Just old lines, capped or poor speed with all too frequent sync-dropout. "Results may vary". In the end just got tired mucking around.


    I use spin, I think they are great, so check them out, not sure if they provide a plan for you, but I think they are better than tpg.


    In Melbourne I had unlimited ADSL2+ with Dodo, and no shaping (is that what it's called? when they lower your speed at certain times?)
    It was consistently ~1.1Mb/s (i don't know if that's megabits or bytes but whatever it normally says on your download speed lol) and their customer service is i think in the Philippines but they are actually really helpful. It was $60 a month, originally I had just intended to get naked DSL but they offered me a phone line for an extra $3/$4 a month, so yeah cheap fast reliable and uncapped internet for $63.99 :)
    I don't think you get your own router but it's still worth it IMO.


    exetel have some good cheap plans if you don't need unlimited.

    for adsl, i suggest you first determine your line distance (not line-of-sight) from your local exchange. it will determine what download speeds you can potentially achieve.

    if you are quite far away from an exchange and you want faster speeds you might consider cable instead of adsl.


      Hi, I did what you suggested using:

      Heres what i got, no idea if its good or not o.o

      Line of Sight: 1034 m
      Estimated Cable: 1603 m
      Estimated Attenuation: 23
      Estimated Maximum Speed: 16666

      And thanks for the suggestion for exetel but their fair use ones cost $55 and for $5 more dollars, I could get unlimited


        These numbers are good. Adsl will work well.

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    I haven't read all the posts, but if you're in a Metro area, look at ClubTelco. Unlimited, no contract and $25/month. They're reselling Dodo, but run through their own equipment. If you're regional, probably not worth it though. They're $60/m then.

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