Smart Bulbs and LED Strips

I'm redecorating, I'm going to get some lamps with E14 bulbs. I want to put RGB smart bulbs in the lamps, in some of light fittings and also put up some LED strips.

I went to Bunnings and they had several brands, but none of them had a product in all three categories. If I buy different brands can I control them all via the same interface or do I need to make sure all three products come from the same manufacturer if I want that? The apps all say they integrate with Google Assistant.


  • If you dont want to muck around with flashing firmware / researching which ones can work with the generic Tuya app, then just get the individual apps, pair them then control with google assistant after that.

    I'm currently running a hodgepodge of mirabella, xiaomi, imou, yeelight, brilliant and miboxer, all controlled with google assistant.

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      same. But I've been able to successfully pair Mirabella(PIR motion sensor), brilliant(smart plugs), jinvoo smart(4-gang wall switch), kogan(few RGB E27 lights), Laser Smart (few MR12 downlights) and few other brands whose names that I can't even remember (window blinds, a 2 gang wall switch, ZigBee remote controller - through a ZigBee to wifi hub) to the same app without any mods or custom firmware whatsoever.

      You just put it in pairing mode one by one and the app picks them all up.

      The app is called Smart Life and links to Google assistant without any issues.

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        Smart life is tuya I believe or vice Versa some items do require fw flash but the rgbw strip controllers I just got in play well with the app so thinking about swapping to this platform

    • Thanks! That's kinda how I pictured running it. Just wanted confirmation that Google Assistant could tie all the apps together.

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    Just avoid Lenovo as they are unreliable and slow!

  • Im best mates with "Linda" at SHOPLED/JESLED/ROMWISH who loves telling me to tell my friends to contact her to get some free lights including LED strips if you want the hook up

    • Oooo yeah, hook me up!

    • Yes please. I do love free stuff.

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    I run a bunch of these devices and as Jimothy Worthingtons has already pointed out you'll either need to flash new firmware onto the devices or you'll wind up with a bunch of separate apps to control all the components.

    When it comes to flashing new firmware onto these sorts of 'smart' devices you'll be looking at either Tasmota or ESPHome, manufacturers will actively make this as difficult as they can for you either in terms of the design or layout of the components or by using custom components.

    You can buy devices which are pre-loaded with Tasmota or ESPHome from Athom, the only thing you would need then is some sort of app to tie all the devices together, Home Assistant for example.

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