The Rising Cost of Living: Random Purchases Cut Backs?

Hi all,
With the rise of cost of everything.

As a Ozbarginer, are you cutting back on your randoms deal posted here?

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    If you had no intention of buying something, it’s not a bargain

    • But if you have the intention in the future when it's no longer at that price then it is ;)
      Now where did i put my crystal ball.

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    Not really, about the same. Just fewer lettuce heads purchased lately.

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    Cost of groceries is just the tip of the iceberg.

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      I see what you did there. I'll leaf it at that. Why? Cos.

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        Take your upvote and get out of here

  • Need to increase patience of waiting for the next 150+ votes deal to purchase bargains only.

  • I came to this forum to tell people how to save money.
    Bad luck I got jailed several times.
    Well they tried to convert me to communism.
    They failed but while jailed I could not help.
    So I have more to spend.
    Bad luck to all communists you wanted inflation, here your wish has come true!

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      Well that was a rollercoaster.

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    Dropped onions off the shopping list for some reason…

    • Whilst in France in 2009 we found Australian onions in supermarkets. Around half the price they cost here.
      Nowadays India has become the worlds largest producer of onions.
      Indian main religion prohibits the devouring of cows. Meanwhile India is one of the largest exporter of what they call boneless buffalo meat. Officially the export of beef is prohibited. Give it a nicer sounding name and it is ok.

    • Coles and Costco sells 5kilo bags for 6$ to 7$. Onions lasts long in room temp if stored in a ventilated basket

      • Onions store forever in the fridge!

        • Are you joking?

          I was told all my life that onions are not meant to be put in Fridge just like Potatoes, Garlic, Mangoes

        • Not a bad idea… should keep them away form the keyboard for a while…

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    Ozbargainers are on an average wage of $150k, probably live in a shoebox and drive a Camry.

    We're already pretty insulated from the downturn.
    This isn't our first rodeo (also probably why we're all on this site anyway).
    in fact i believe the economic armageddon is the recession we've all been doomsday preppin for.

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      i dont know about the 150k pa but i dare say a lot of people here are fairly frugal with their money so you know the country is f**ked when people here are posting about 'cutting' back

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        lot of people here are fairly frugal with their money

        Judging by the number of "don't have a need for it but bought 2" type comments posted in deals I'm not so sure about that.

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        I'd say that there are frugal people here but there are also lots that are here to get 'value' from what they do spend. There's no reason to pay more for the same thing if you can pay less.

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    Buying less Red Meat and less fresh Vegs for Frozen

    i was at Aldi the other day it was 8.5 for a kilo of broccoli! WTF

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      Lettuce is so expensive that KFC have started putting cabbage on their burgers instead.

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        poor cabbage growers.
        Even below lettuce in the food chain.

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        I want them to keep the lettuce cabbage mix. It's awesome.

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    I expect Ozbargainers to be saving throughout their lives, this is just one of many bumps on the road that those savings covers.

    OzB's should also not be spendthrift even when times are good because you never know whats around the corner.

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    I'm definitely cutting back. I was going to upgrade my 5 year old pc with some EOFY deals - but I'm putting that off until after the recession we're about to have. Same for most other discretionary expenditure (netflix, eating out, "treats", etc). If it doesn't make money for me, I'm not spending money on it.

    The only thing I'm splurging on right now is long-life food that can be stored. With the cost of fertilizer and diesel going up like they are, a lot of farmers are either not fertilizing (lower yields) or not planting at all (harvesting costs outweigh what they can get for it). This will lead to either rising food costs, or outright food shortages over the next 12 months.

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    Tough times, I’ve just stopped tipping the Mercedes salesman

  • Reduce the supply of goods to push the price up which reduces demand to meet the Paris Accords.

    Well done frens.

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    Might try taking lunch to work more. It's hard when they have nice things like pork belly or lamb shanks at the onsite cafe some days.

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    Pretty rare I actually use the deals here. Got to really need the item in the first place.

  • I won’t spend 10c if I don’t really need to, and happy to spend what I need to to purchase what represents value. Hasn’t changed….

  • A lot of people on here would buy cheap anything then sell them for a lot more on eBay. Which irritates me.

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