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[VIC] 2x Hoyts Tickets for Free When Spend $100 at Participating Restaurants after 5pm on Thursday or Friday @ Chadstone


Receive two tickets to HOYTS Chadstone when you spend $100 or more at participating restaurants after 5pm on a Thursday or Friday at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital.

Simply present your original printed receipt/s at the Concierge Desk before 31 July, or while stocks last (whichever is first).

Editing on mobile, can’t add much info.

Participating restaurants:

  • Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co
  • Calia
  • Calia Grill
  • D'elephant Thai Cuisine
  • Dragon Hot Pot
  • Fonda
  • Grill'd
  • Gyoza Gyoza
  • Mama's Buoi
  • Marae Izakaya
  • Master Lanzhou Noodle Bar
  • New Shanghai
  • Pappa Rich
  • Pastore
  • Secret Kitchen Noodles & BBQ
  • Shanghai Red
  • TGI Friday
  • The Meat & Wine Co

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Chadstone The Fashion Capital
Chadstone The Fashion Capital

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  • +1

    Can possibly claim government dining rebate as well with same receipt . :)

    • Only on Thursday I believe.

      • ???? what do you mean

        • This You can only claim dining rebate when you dine on Monday-Thursday.

          • @Ricko98: uh that sucks unless OP's offer also works for next Thurs

            • @michael9865:

              Simply present your original printed receipt/s at the Concierge Desk before 31 July, or while stocks last (whichever is first).

              Judging by OP's description, this will run til 31st of July so I'm sure it will work for every other Thursday and Friday until the 31st.

          • @Ricko98: Isnt the dining rebate finished since a while ago now?

    • Yes, I also combined it with Liven.

      It's a good deal if you were already going to spend the money.

      We dined at Calia Grill and they jacked up the price and substitute in cheaper ingredients. Eg: the Bento Box supposed to come with a side of salmon sashimi, and they swapped it for potato salad.

      • Can use entertainment as well at quite a few of those venues. Meat and wine co is on thefork as well so you can get $50 off with yums.

  • +1
    1. does the $100 need to be on a single transaction or can it be from multiple restaurants?
    2. Also does it need to be on the same day or can you combine it like $50 this week and $50 next week?
    3. I'm assuming it doesn't matter if it's take-away or din-in?
    4. Is there a way to check how many cinema vouchers are still available?
    • +1

      One single transaction.

      They will update the website when the vouchers ran out.

      The vouchers had Hoyts Chadstone printed on them and can only be use at Hoyts Chadstone.

      • Oh, from the terms and conditions it stated receipt/s so thought mostly it was a combined value of $100

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