Have a Rental Car with Unlimited Kms - What Are Ways to Make Money?

Alright so I got rental car with unlimited kms cause some dude hit my car and they said it will take about a month to get fixed. It's a hybrid car so I'm happy spending fuel as its pretty efficient to run the car,

What are ways I can make money? I don't think I can do Uber since they ask for vehicle registration and other forms which I don't have. I have an ABN - but what are ways i can make some money?

Just needs to be something short term.


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    Make a YouTube about how many miles CNA you drive in one month

    Do tours to places. Ex trips to the snow transport.

    Air tasker transport for people moving items. Or personal driver for day

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      Step 1: Buy a fuel siphon pump
      Step 2: Fill up Jerry cans
      Step 3: Sell the fuel on Gumtree at cheaper rates
      Step 4: Profit
      Step 5: Hire a kid part time to do it for you
      Step 6: You are now an entrepreneur with a oil/gas company
      Step 7: Invest money into good stock or crypto
      Step 8: Profit!!!
      Step 9: Get investigated by the ATO for this income
      Step 10: Tell your family and friends you are moving to Vanuatu for some time
      Step 11: Just head off to Brisbane and get another rental like this, rinse and repeat
      Step 12: Profit???!!!!

      Eat, Pray, Sell

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    Deliver packages? e.g. https://flex.amazon.com.au/

    • I live in regional NSW we dont have that here yet:(

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        Some logistics company will. Regional NSW gets deliveries too.

        • We still have alot through Australia Post in Regional QLD

  • Sub lease the vehicle to other users via Gumtree or Facebook marketplace. Remember - Cash only.

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      This can't possibly go tits up!

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    Check what insurance will cover you and the excess, or come back with a new post “oops insurance didn’t cover me, what should I do?”.

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      the car is fully insured - i opted for the no excess by paying a bit extra

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        Fully insured for how many events? I thought the same on my last trip around New Zealand. Day one, truck flung a rock at the windscreen. Day two, someone reversed into the car at a shopping centre. Two separate events, and the additional that I paid to remove the excess only covered one event. Read your policy, to be sure.

        • Oh god I hope travel insurance with vehicle excess covers multiple events. I can't imagine paying 4k for excess…

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        "is fully insured "

        For personal use. This has been a bug-bear of mine since Disability providers started insisting job applicants have a " fully insured vehicle.". Hello - if they're using it because you want to shift administration costs onto your low-wage workers, for work use purposes, they are probably uninsured!

        Insurance companies charge a lot more for commercial cover - funny that!

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        No such thing as "fully insured". Read the PDS and you will see exceptions like acts of war etc….

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    I think you need to exploit the "unlimited kms" and drive around until the music stops.

    • ive driven a fair bit where i would have otherwise flown haha but looking more to how i can make money

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    Tow a huge billboard around all day. If you have a day job, then AirTask the actual driving part of to someone else so it can sill make you money.

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    Sell the car for cash and never look back

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    do a kramer and see how you can go on one tank of fuel …

  • It is given for you for inconvenience caused to you

    If u exploit it, I think you should be reported so no insurer takes you in as a customer

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    Get on some of the load shift sites and start quoting to move people/stuff… get on Airtasker and look for people who just need a lift somewhere or for you to pick something up.

    If you really want to test out the “unlimited km” portion, put it up on stands, take the wheels off it and run to car at 110km/h for the whole month, 24 hours a day… 2,640 km per day, 79,000+ for the month…

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    Is it a Prius ? Run a soup kitchen

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    Do you have a job? Drive to work..

  • Ubereats

  • The rental company doesn't get paid the more you drive. Insurer pays a fixed fee per day. Rental companies are privately owned franchises, so avoid the temptation to drive 300km per day just because you can.

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    return and earn, bin nights, but cover the seats with plastic. use garbage bags if you dont have any bags

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    Enter a demolition derby, collect the prizemoney.

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    This is one reason ex-rentals to have such a bad rap in the second hand market.

    I'm certain the fine print of OP's "zero excess insurance policy" clearly states that the car cannot be used for commercial activities. Good luck if you got caught or had an accident OP.

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    Using the car given to you for private use, in doing business will likely void your insurance. Best check. Admire your entrepreneurship, but really? The car has been given to help you out, not make you money.

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      So like the payments some companies received during covid lockdowns yet reported massive profits and didn't have to give it back? I say he should go for it he can.

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    Yes, as mentioned a few times, I'm also almost certain that the Insurance attached to the loan car will not cover you/the car/anyone else you hit/property of others you damage when being used commercially.
    Its a huge risk you'll be taking, and foolhardy in the extreme right across the board.
    I hope you manage to see the common sense in the obvious and simply appreciate the wonders of not having to be without a vehicle while yours is sorted.

    • Cmon, aren’t you just a tiny bit looking forward to the next post from OP:

      help! Insurer refuses to cover loan car as it was used for commercial purpose when policy says private use only

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    Airtasker lol

  • Wasn't there a post here a while back saying that the loan car provider can ask you to pay the cost of hiring if the other person at fault refuses to pay? Seems like you're just putting yourself at risk if you abuse those privileges..

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    This is why we can't have nice things.

  • You aren’t going to make money by using a car

    Anything that might work will take time to build up business by which time you’ll need to hand the car back.

  • You make money by not driving the car, not wasting petrol or equivalent (it's about 2.00/litre and you will spend around $100 to drive about 500km if you are a smooth driver), and not hitting potholes that are omnipresent in rural NSW.

    We Ozbargainers would obviously love to read the terms of your so called "full insurance".

  • hope it wasn't one of those free rentals supplied by the repairer rather than the insurance where they give you a car they charge insane rates to the insurance which will almost certainly get challenged if you do something dumb with it.

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    Thought ozbargainers were already greedy, this is another level lol

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    If you own your own house or pay rent then move out of your home for a month and rent it out while you sleep in your hybrid car. The rent will hopefully cover your car heating costs and maybe some travel.

  • Drive to your job and back.

  • Dial-a-dealer

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