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Bentspoke Crankshaft IPA 375ml Case of 24 $75.19 ($73.31 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Boozebud eBay


Deal is back on, eBay plus members save an extra 2%! Great price for an amazing award winning beer. Get in before they jack the price or remove it from their store.

Excludes _NT, _Q3, _Q4, _S2, _T1, _V2, _W2, _W3

May was the last time these had a 20% off discount.

Original Coupon Deal

Received mine and the best before is 25th March 2023.

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  • Is the normal price on these really $94?!? For 24 cans?

    Far out that's some expensive tinnies! It's still beer in a can!

    • +15

      It’s very good beer.

      • Clearly!

        Might have to try some…. but I'm worried what if I like it :) ?

        Just looked at their store, there's 24 case packs of other craft beer for over $200!

        I'm in a state of shock, I had no idea these were so expensive!

        • +4

          It's a great beer especially if you like IPA's!

          • -2


            especially if you like NEIPA's


            • +1

              @M00Cow: What? It not a NEIPA at all. I don't typically go for those juice bombs. This beer is an excellent crisp IPA.

        • +5

          Probably wouldn’t advise it as a starting beer, if you are coming from VB or Great Northern lagers.

          It follows the fruity pale ales like a fat yak or little creatures off on a path with extra bitterness.
          To me, it is excellent, but I know plenty of beer drinkers who find the pale ales heavy work, so would find this way too much.

          • +1

            @mskeggs: nono…. I'm not into drinking swill :), I have progressed somewhat and like the fruiter craft beers you can get on tap when I (rarely) go out for dinner and the like. Very easy drinking. I just got a little shocked at canned beer being so expensive. I've always much preferred the crisper cleaner flavour of glass, and I'm surprised quality beer is available in a can of all things.

            Might have to drop the 'beer prejudice' and crack open a new type of tinny :). I see they have some sample packs, might try those!

            Thanks for advice.

            • +6

              @UFO: I believe cans are actually the preferred method of storing beer because unlike glass bottles they don't allow sunlight in which can affect the taste of the beer. I prefer the experience of drinking from a glass though and so whenever possible I pour canned beer into a glass before drinking.

              If you're only drinking bottled beer you're missing out because a lot of fantastic craft beers only come in cans!

              • +3

                @Pulseidon: So I've recently learned! Doing a fair bit of googling over the last hour or so (very busy at work :)), and it's a brand new world of beer out there for me.

                Now to get it past the Minister of War and Finance ;).

              • +3

                @Pulseidon: It's called* light strike*, thats6 why traditionally beer was stored in brown bottles as it filtered out the light which made the hops give a funky flavour (and why Heineken often tastes skunked) interestingly enough the CSIRO invented a nano coat to block the offending wavelength that could be added to clear bottles.

                I believe the reason craft beers use tinnies.as it's cheaper to bottle and weights less making handling easier & postage cheaper.

                • +1


                  I believe the reason craft beers use tinnies.as it's cheaper to bottle and weights less making handling easier & postage cheaper.

                  It is absolutely all of these reasons. Less stock damage and more accessible.

        • +5

          Just wait until you start drinking the $15-20 cans from the likes of Deeds, Range, and Mountain Culture. Bentspoke is cheap in comparison!

          • @Astronaut Joe:


            I must say Deeds isn't as exciting as they use to be. Way to many underperforming special editions or rehashes of old ideas (that aren't better).

            And yes, if you want to talk expensive, I'm really into co-conspiriator beers and black arts beer at the moment. Hideously expensive stuff but it sure is interesting (particularly the latter which sometimes ends up being a cross between a wine and a beer).

          • @Astronaut Joe: With various strategies learned by reading comments on beer posts on ozb over the years you can try an amazing range of expensive beers within a budget of $2 per container.

          • @Astronaut Joe: Lol my local First Choice had Mountain Culture Double Down NEIPA cartons marked down at "half price" for $20!
            They had four, I bought four. That about $480 worth of beer for $80.
            Best day of my life

            • @corremn: Damn now that's a score.

              I'm going to check out all my local First Choice stores now, just in case.

            • @corremn: Short dated by chance?

              • +1

                @AnDyStYLe: Yeah 2 months left tho; probably not to be found anywhere else.

      • +6

        I know it is all personal taste, but I find it pretty average, definitely not worth the price. Far better craft beers out there for this price. I actually prefer Capital brewing Co to Bentspoke, but that too is a little overpriced.

        • +3

          So as a Canberra local, I very much enjoy the Coast Ale from Capital… love it.
          But I've never looked at or purchased it in a can! Always on tap and its been lovely. Looking at its prices in a can though is very surprising. Far cheaper on tap! That's very foreign to me, because to me a case of cans should be far cheaper.

          • +2

            @UFO: The idea with the cans is they have an internal plastic film these days, so no metallic taste, plus they are opaque, so the risk of light strike is eliminated.

            For fruity, hoppy beers the snobs prefer cans.

            • +3

              @mskeggs: ^this, cans are definitely superior. Though I can't stand drinking out of them, I would take a bottled beer over a can if I had to drink from it, but if a glass is around I definitely prefer from a can. Though I prefer on Tap over either.

          • @UFO: Cans are 90% of a schooner in size and these cost $3 per can. No way is it cheaper on tap…

        • +3

          I also much prefer Capital

          But I really like Jindabyne brewery. Give them a go - counts as local

          • @dtc: hmmm I have not seen the Jindabyne Brewery ones, will definitely keep an eye out for them… or find next time I am down in Jindabyne. thanks

    • +2

      It's the sort of beer you'd buy a 4pk of. Well over priced for what it is

    • Paying $94 for 24 beers is same as paying $62 for 16 beers (so many craft beers can be a 16 can carton). $62 is a good price for Balter which is 16/carton.

      This is my favourite beer so I’m getting defensive 😝

      • Sprocket is probably my favourite core range IPA on the market… it's too good!

        Crankshaft is still good of course.

        • +1

          Who makes sproket? Also Bent Spoke brewing?

    • +1

      "UFO" Good way to sample a variety of new craft beers is at Dan Murphy's you can mix 6

      or more and get 20% off when you are a member ( free to join ).

  • Great price, thanks OP!

  • Any idea if the code is single use only?

    • +1

      Code can be used up to 5 times

  • It's decent beer, but overpriced. Hawkers IPA is better.

    • +2

      Gabs results for 2021 and 2020 beg to differ. Crankshaft no.1 2 years running.

      • +3

        Crankshaft is an excellent beer, but GABS isn’t the definitive beer ranking scale. It’s a marketing and popularity contest.

        • Probably more accurate indication than a random opinion on ozbargain…

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered some Barley Griffin.

  • +1

    Crankshaft Bentspoke is a great beer especially at this price! It's tied with the Balter Hazy IPA as my favorite beers currently.

    • Good taste, similar here, as long as your talking about the regular hazy and not the lighter easy hazy haha.

      • +1

        Both excellent beers. No idea how Crankshaft is voted number one on GABS though; there are better beers at this price range IMO. e.g. mountain culture for instance

  • +6

    It's more $ but I always feel there is better value in Sprocket

    it's a much better beer imo, and more punchy.


    • +1

      yes this is true, more piney and resinous.

    • +4

      Second this, Sprocket is probably one of the best craft beers around, and it tastes wonderful when paired with fine cheddar cheese.

    • +4

      Sprocket get my vote as well… amazing beer.

      • +1

        I'll have to give that a go once I get through this case!!

    • As I love bent spoke I went on your recommendation and grabbed a case of the sprocket, sounds great. I like my beer strong in winter.

      What do people think of the "Cluster" IPA also from bent spoke?

  • +2

    This one looks like a good deal too https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/284801683450?hash=item424f80cffa:g:DNkAAOSw3QpidIGf:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!5089!AU!-1

    $39.99 after coupon/$38.99 for ebay plus

    Also don't forget 4% cashback at shopback

    • +2

      When will a case become 12 cans?

      • My local sells this in 10 can packs.

  • +1

    One thing to keep in mind, these guys sell some pretty old cans sometimes so keep in mind you might be getting something getting close to best before.

    • I once got a case of beers from them that is a month out best before date.

  • Damn it OOS

  • Nooo missed out again :(

  • -3

    rubbish IPA.. check out capital IPA for something decent

  • Anyone try the Cluster IPA also by bent spoke?

    • +1

      They have made a few. Cluster8 is fantastic

      • Bought a can of Cluster 8 few days ago, and although on the high end at $11 each,

        thought it was a really nice big hitting beer, not unlike a lot of the good double and tripple

        Belgian Trappist beer styles. More of a richer sweet winter beer, and certainly not in my budget for a case.

        Verry happy with my case of Sprockets, strong enough and can quench a thirst too, mmmm.

  • Back in stock

  • +2

    Received my case and the best before is 25th March 2023.

    • +1 mine was similar. Tastes fantastic. Unlike the Ballistic Oaked XPA (one of my favourite drops) which I ordered from Firstchoice through a cashback deal that has a best before of August 8th!

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