expired $30 for Everlast Freestanding Punch Ball ($60 OFF!)


The same product that is being sold at RebelSport for $90! Just bought one then!

Get in shape for the summer ahead with one of these standing punch ball’s from Everlast. Boxing is a fun and effective workout that doesn’t just work your arms, but is also great way to work your abdominals, legs and cardiovascular system. The heavy duty spring at the bottom gives the boxing ball a different dynamic compared to the traditional boxing bag, making it ideal to work on speed, timing and punching accuracy. With a heavy duty PVC punching ball and adjustable height settings, this free standing punching ball is the perfect addition to your home gym

Each sold separately

Ideal for speed, timing and punching accuracy
Adjustable height
Super strong chrome steel spring provides movement and challenges reflexes
Fill base with sand or water to hold firmly to the floor.
Great for all ages, at all fitness levels
Pump for ball included
Easy assembly
Heavy duty PVC Ball
Adjustable height: 126 – 146 cm
Base diameter: 42 cm
Shipping is $5.99

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    Don't forget to add shipping $6.


    Still a ripper of a deal, for $36, 60% the price at Rebel, and that includes delivery to your door!


    nice post OP, always wanted one of these. cheers

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    bought it few months ago.. havnt used it at all..

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    Noob question: isn't this a bit short? I mean who boxes midgets?

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      agreed! you'd think you would want to aim for the head when doing punching exercises… if only to keep your hands up higher to get a better workout. punching from the waist like karate kid doing chest strikes is just gay. go danielson!

      good deal for those who want to practice punching angry dwarfs though, plus vote.


      I think they are raising the stakes by aiming towards the genitals, funny bastards.


    I heard these aren't real good quality? as in they break easy. Can anyone comment on this?

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      The stand is terrible quality. I purchased one of these a few years ago for fun and returned it a week later. I weigh 65kg so am quite light. The thing would constantly tip over when punched, the stand was not high enough to punch at eye height (only 146cm max, what good is this?) and the base would not retain liquid or sand. The make is absolute garbage, PVC ball = crap.

      I suppose if you are buying for a child this may be enjoyable for them to punch around.


    Does anyone one know how much the whole package weighs?

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    although it would've come in handy last week when the wall got in the way of a certain clenched fist -.-

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    Anyone remember him: http://cdn.uberreview.com/wp-content/uploads/slamman.jpg
    Order now and receive and free A3-sized poster of your ex-spouse to plaster onto Slam Man!

    Personally I think Slam Man is better in the long run as it'll foster a deep resentment against robotic-looking automatons, which will come in handy when Skynet becomes self-aware and we're all being hounding down by T-1000's.



    Ah-ha! That's what Kaspersky was on about on the news yesterday. Better start looking for Sarah Connor

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    Hi Guys,

    At 1.46m, these freestanding punch balls cant actually serve the purpose their meant too. You need a ball like this to be at a minimum your shoulder level height & preferably for best skill/physical gain, at a level about 2 inches higher than your own face.

    For about the same cost on ebay, you can actually buy a functioning version of this ball with a top & bottom band that ties it to the floor & ceiling, so it's fully height adjustable for you smaller bantamweights, or us 6"+ heavies.

    Something along the lines of this is what you want, but can be sourced pretty much anywhere for no more than $40: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FLOOR-CEILING-SPEED-BALL-BOXING-M...

    Hope that advice helps & saves a bit of unwarranted spending on the wrong product.


    Thanks OP, just bought. Probably use it as wing chun punching practice :)


    My 7 year old will love it, thanks.

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    This punch ball is for no kid. It is for Tyrion Lannister!

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