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30% Off EVC iDrive Throttle Controller. BlackVue, Kincrome, Meguiar's & GME also On Sale Now @ AutoOne


EOFY Stocktake Clearance Sale at Auto One

Save 30% on EVC IDrive Throttle Controllers - Free Delivery

Save 30% on Meguiar's Ultimate Range Car Care - Free delivery over $99

Save $80 on BlackVue DR900X-1CH-32 & Save $50 on DR750X-2CH 32GB Plus & DR750X-1CH 32GB Plus - Free Delivery

Save 20% off Kincrome Hand Tools - Free Delivery over $99

Save $100 off GME TX6160TP 5 Watt UHF CB Handheld Radio Twin Pack - Free Delivery

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    Whats the deal on blackvue? I'm seeing the dr750x 2 ch at $599, but its $549 at autobarn and amazon. Is there a 30% off code?




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    If you really want a throttle controller, get one off Aliexpress for $40. It will do exactly the same thing. All it does is make your accelerator pedal more sensitive, so if you push it down further you can get the same effect.

    • They might do the same thing by changing the throttle response, but there's the issue of build quality and this device is connected to your vehicles accelerator. You dont want a "Sorry officer my Aliexpress throttle controller was stuck WOT" situation lol. So it pays to choose wisely.

      • I have no reason to believe the EVC one is any better build quality. I suspect it's the same circuitry built in China and just given fancy branding and a lot of marketing.

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