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LuckyDeal is one stop shop for all daily deals in your local area. LuckyDeal sort all the daily deals by city, categories, deal providers and status base on deal popularity. LuckyDeal is easy to compare, choose and buy the right deal.
Please check out and let us know your feedback.
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      Are you interested to put advertisement?


        Pretty sure nandy meant that your post is a form of advertisement here on OzBargain, and not really a deal. You might wish to check the deal posting guide, and generally a daily deal aggregator is not a deal.

        A moderator has already moved this post to the group buy forum for discussions.


    What's Fressness under the Best Selling Button?

    Do you have RSS feeds?


      Thanks for pointing it: Its Freshness - Basically sort by deal created.

      We don't have RSS as of now.however we are in process of building email notifications for new deals of users interest. In case you are interested in knowing more about it, you can drop email to We will update when it goes live.


    Okay, you have a deal for a tour in China. In small print, buried in all sorts of other details, buyers are told - "Tours conducted by Chinese and Cantonese-speaking tour guide only." Why would you even list this on an Australian site? If you think there are enough people who speak these languages here, then consider how many do not and who might miss this buried detail. You should have in the biggest and boldest font stated that there will be no facility for people who do not speak these languages.

    I suspect there may be another problem with disclosure on this deal and that is that these cheaspy deals to China often have big penalties for people who only want to use the accommodation - ie those who do not want to go on exhausting tours conducted only in Chinese languages. This penalty often brings the actual cost up to or more than the inflated "valued at" price. I didn't see this in the details listed on your website, but I have seen enough of these "Tours conducted by Chinese and Cantonese-speaking tour guide only" deals to know that particular conditions is probably floating around somewhere.

    I am not happy with what I see as a lack of consideration for Australian consumers.


    Check the new look of LuckyDeal. Don't forget to visit LuckyDeal before your buy any daily deal. LuckyDeal will help you to choose the right deal for you.

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      No offense but why would anyone buy a deal through luckydeal. ATM, your site doesn't do rss or email notifications so I fail to see why your site will be any better than the other 21 aggregators out there.


    LuckyDeal is simple and easy to use. We don't shoot email everyday so feel free to use LuckyDeal. RSS feed has been added recently. We are changing the design and developing LuckyDeal with our user requirements. Please feel free to leave your feedback. We value your opinion.


    LuckyDeal Team


    Hello Admin, how to list site on Wiki?

    • You can add it yourself to the page. Please make sure to put it in the aggregator section and in alphabetical order.


    Thanks Neil

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