Kindle Touch

Hi guys,

Looking to grab a Kindle touch, need it within a month or so. Suggestions please? :) I'll be using it mainly overseas so AU warranty isn't really going to be too useful.




    I bought a Kindle keyboard 3G direct from the Amazon website couple of weeks ago, even with the shipping charge it was cheaper to do that than buy from just about any retailer I found in AUS. Ordered on a Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday so can't complain about the shipping time.


    Costs $99 US on Cannot get it cheaper in AUS.


    If you're going to the States, wait and get it there. You can pay a few dollars for 1 day shipping, and get it delivered to your hotel.

  • has both US and international versions of the Kindle touch, so unless you're planning on staying in the US you should get the international version. I just bought the 3G Touch from there and it was delivered in 5 days, but there is a cheaper delivery fee for a longer leadtime (2-3 weeks).

    You can order in $US or $Aus but beware - they use their own exchange rate which is not great for Aussies, so I'd advise you go with the order in $US. The bank's exchange rate should be much better.


    If you buy it in the US you can get the ad-supported version which is $40 cheaper and just shows an ad on the menu and when turned off, but not when actually reading. Some people are getting this shipped to aus through a reshipping company to save $. I haven't looked into it but I expect the warranty will be international as they offer a version with international 3G coverage (they know people will move around with it).