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Belong Prepaid Mobile $25 20GB Starter Kit for $12.00 @ Coles & Officeworks


Officeworks link.

  • 20GB Data
  • Unlimited national calls & sms.
  • Unlimited data banking.
  • Unlimited data gifting.
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • Flexibility to change plans once every monthly payment cycle.
  • Data slows to 64 kbps if you use all your monthly allowance.
  • Telstra 4G & 3G.
  • 12 month starter pack expiry (you have 12 months from the purchase date to activate)

Before you activate make sure you get a referral code from a friend already with Belong or the OzBargain Belong pool for an additional $20 credit.
If you've been with Belong before you might have to use a new email in order to get the referral credit.

Option 1 (2 Months 25GB) — Activate on the $25 20GB per month plan. Then switch to the $15 5GB per month plan for the 2nd month. You should be able to switch straight away once your account is set up & activated. The first 2 months cost is covered ($25 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit) and data rolls over every month or can be gifted. $5 referral credit will be left over.

Option 2 (2 Months 40GB) — Activate on the $25 20GB per month plan & stay there for the 2nd month. This will cost you another $5 as the referral credit is only $20.

Hack For Existing Belong Customers
Activate the same as above but in a family or friends name & email. Use your referral code to give yourself $20 credit. Make sure you actually use the new sim in a spare phone so you can't be accused of breaching the "Customer Terms". Gift the data to yourself gradually or towards the end.

Customer Terms.
Critical Information Summary

How do I cancel my service?
You can cancel your service without any further monthly
payments by submitting a support request through our app
or website a minimum of 24 hours before the start of the next
monthly payment cycle.
If you cancel your service, we won’t refund any fees that you’ve
already paid to us and your service will stop working within an
hour of your request being actioned

Credit to bot

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closed Comments

  • There is no more $10 plan. But still handy for sim sluts or topping up data & giving yourself $20 credit with the hack.

  • I've a mate that's still on the $10 plan but mine was jacked to $15

    Why cant someone just choose the $15 plan off the bat rather than the two options mentioned on the OP?

    • Belong won't let you. Click on the Critical Information Summary

  • Go by Sim Expiration date. Way easy to deal with

    12 month starter pack expiry (you have 12 months from the purchase date to activate)

    Its really difficult with belong support once the sim expired even if you’re well within 12 Months from Purchase date.

    • No call support
    • Email response only
    • Submit the Proof of Purchase (if you can’t find it, then throw the sim away)
    • Wait until they verify
  • How many days is a Belong month?

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