This was posted 3 years 6 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired GTA: Vice City for Mac $5.49

GTA: Vice City for Mac $5.49Affiliate

Feeling nostalgic for some people-wacking, car jacking, time wasting? Rockstar's got you covered.

Mac App Store download, lowest price since August 25 '11. (
Currently at a lower price than steam ($9.99) but not cheaper than steam's sale price ($2-ish IIRC, plus steam is for both mac and windows)

I do realise this isn't really 'the cheapest ever' but for a MAS release, it's a pretty decent price. Plus there's all these iTunes deals going around so. :)

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    personally… i'd be paying the extra $2 and grabbing GTA: San Andreas.

    Or just get both… :P


      I actually thought Vice City was the better off the two. San Andreas was certainly the larger game, but I think it sort of suffered for it. That and the setting wasn't as appealing to me.

      Still both good games back in the day.


    This is an awesome game - I remember spending many an hour roaming around the streets of Vice City. A great bargain at this price really!




      You'll find him hanging with Carl on Grove St ;)


    You must be Cortese's new gun.