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Free Shapes Flavour Shaker Pack @ Arnotts



Mine was for the BBQ flavour shaker pack. Only for the first 2500 will get one!

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Arnott's Australia

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  • The URL really doesn't inspire legitimacy….

    • What do you mean? You search for Arnott's on Google and this is the same website.

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    I got one from last time. - kinda cool. the little one loves the flavour so to have it in a packet they went NUTZ!

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    First lesson of ozbargain, be hungry for bargains but always check urls before eating the gains.

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    Got sucked in.. hoping it's legit 🙏

  • Shapes Flavour Shakers Are… Gone​
    We’re sorry, but this offer was too good to last! Watch this space for more flavourful ideas soon!


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    This is the same URL/website as last time this was posted, got the flavour packets a week or two after ordering it. Not the same as the Shapes seasoning, the flavour is the same but the texture is more of a powder.

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    So what do you do with these?

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      You sprinkle it over anything you want, chicken, chips, pancakes. The possibilities are endless.

  • Maybe instead of doing these giveaways Arnott's should just release a shapes flavoring range lol.
    I wouldn't mind just buying the Pizza Shapes flavoring.

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      Pizza and BBQ are the only valid flavours. Anyone who says otherwise is crazy.

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        I would buy the Pizza Flavoring just to sprinkle onto their Pizza Shapes to be honest as the Pizza Shapes barely comes with any these days.
        I had thoughts once that I was gonna shake as much flavoring off the biscuits and just save it lmao.

  • Got mine in the mail today. Was hoping for chicken crimpy but I guess bbq will have to do…thanks for post OP

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