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Seiko Tuna 1000m S23631J from 391,300 Points & $0 to 0 Points & $2437 + Delivery 1,800 Points or $12 @ Qantas Rewards Store


I know the Seiko Tunna 1000m is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you like it, this seems like a great price. Lowest I’ve seen elsewhere is 2,900+

RRP is $3,750, so 40% discount

Excerpt from the Seiko website:

Calibre Type
Quartz - Powered By A Battery
Calibre Function
Analogue - 3 Hands
+/-15 seconds a month (at normal temperature range (5°C and 35°C)
Power Reserve/Battery Life
5 Years
Calibre Number

Water Resistance
Professional Diver's 1000 Metres
Case Material
Ceramic & Titanium
Case Size
Thickness: 16.3mm
Diameter: 49.4mm
Length: 49.4mm
Case Colour
Strap - Extra Strength Silicon
Band Colour
Band Reference
Glass Material
Screw Down
Rotating Bezel
One Way

Dial Colour
Hand Indicators
Hour, Minute, Seconds
Calendar Indicators
Hands & Hour Markers
Dial Markers

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  • +7

    One of those watches that really doesnt look like its price.

    • +4

      I'm not sure you understand the amount of engineering it takes to get a watch certified to ISO 6425 1000m

      • +4

        No, I do. Inside could be platinum with diamonds, but outside it certainly doesnt look it.

        • +1

          It's a professional diver's watch, it's designed for a purpose. Complaining that it doesn't look expensive sounds pretty shallow.

          • +2

            @TheRealCJ: In some respect he has a point.
            You have to like what you wear.
            If people really need a watch for diving and only care about that function of telling a time, then its fine, but if your purpose is to mix it up with casual wear. You have to like what you look at.

            • +3

              @maverickjohn: Except he didn't complain that he didn't like how it looked, he complained that it didn't look like it was worth what it costs. Very different opinions.

              • +1

                @TheRealCJ: True , i just read it as that he didnt like the look of it. not sure if i read his feelings correctly.

                • @maverickjohn: If he had said "I don't like how these look" then I wouldn't have said anything; Personal taste is subjective, and I respect that.

              • @TheRealCJ: True. I love Seiko and dont really think any of them are ugly, but this could sit next to many Seiko that are only a few hundred $ and it wouldnt stand out unless you really knew what you are looking at. Functionality over form in this case which is fine as it serves a very specific, if irrelevant by a few hundred meters, purpose..

                • +4

                  @Ravensbane: I mean, if you're buying a watch to stand out and make sure everyone knows you have an expensive watch, you aren't gonna be buying a Seiko diver to begin with. Or practically any Diver's watch that isn't a Rolex.

                  • @TheRealCJ: No not even buying to stand out as those flashy watches just look a bit naff. Reminds me too much of those numpties in rap videos etc with their bling!.

                  • @TheRealCJ: Just had a look at a few other 1,000m + watches and this still seems to be the most played down or stealth out of all of them. Doesnt need diamonds or anything, looks terrible on watches imo, but this would be great on a military night time infiltration mission.

      • a steal at only… 8 times the price!

        • I am actually impressed though, it survives nearly 4000m.
          The previous sea dweller was 1220m. So in some respect there is some justification

          • +2

            @maverickjohn: Sinn do an amazing UX that's fluid filled, rated to 12000m and for a little under 3 grand.

            • @TheRealCJ: Far out, had no idea.
              i didnt even think there was anything higher than the 1220 from the sea dweller

              • @maverickjohn: Oh no, there's plenty of watches that hit that fabled 4000m mark, and to be fair the Sinn's movement is only rated to 5000m before it potentially breaks - the case is rated to much higher before it fails, entirely because of the fluid

      • I dont get the extreme depths its designed for though. Quick read and divers cant really go past a max of 2000ft even with the right gear. Unless of course you are in submersibles etc but then what does it matter whether the watch is designed for 5,000m or 5m as the outside pressure itsnt affecting you?

        Just seems you are paying for something that is totally irrelevant. I guess its nice to know that if you drop your watch into a 1,000m deep part of the ocean it will continue to work I guess? Unless I have this all wrong and in that case would be happy to be pointed in the right direction. Very interesting stuff regardless.

        Waiting for them to design a watch capable of withstanding 10,000m!

        • +2

          It could be for the cases that you lose your watch in the ocean, but then finding a needle in a haystack situation.. At least you have peace of mind it survived somewhere in the deep blue sea

  • Damn, that really is an excellent price. Way too far out of my price range right now, but anyone looking for a mid-high range Seiko diver, that's a real bargain.

  • +3

    Not a fan of that watch.
    Sharp edge is an incredible price

    • +1

      Thats a nice looking watch.

      • +1

        I love the Blue and the price is incredible but still too much for my budget.

        • Well you get 2 points for every dollar spent. And if like me you have amex ultimate you will get another 1.25 points on every dollar from Qantas store (unfortunately doesn't meet criteria of Qantas 2.25 point ) and you'll get a bonus 4000 points

    • Did you get your watch yet maverickjohn? Been wearing my blue dial one for 2 days now and it's been great. Sizing it was a bit of a headache. The colour is a bit on the darker side than the photos.

      • No i didn't buy it, I wanted the white dial which isn't on sale here.
        I have blue green and black dial watches, and was hoping to get the white.

        • Ah I see. I don't think there is much stock of that white one left. Its a limited edition that most places wont have on special.

  • +5

    No deal. I need to go down 1010m. Minimum.

    • Do you need to go back up too though?

      • Unlikely. Given I own a Rebel purchased snorkel and mask. That's the most appropriate attire I have for 1000m..So chances I'd need to make my way back up would be zero. Still, my family would have a nice watch.

    • Username fits.

  • One of my friends buys watches and then tax writes them off , is that allowed, the ATO site is a bit vague , it says it can’t be tax written off but permits accessories bought for work

    Asking here because I can see a lot of enthusiasts here and you may know the answer

    • +1

      It doesn't work for me in nursing industry.. we use watches all the time to count resps, buit no dice.
      I guess a professional diver should claim this though.

      • Yeah I thought so too, I do my own taxes and so don’t add them, however his tax consultant does it and I don’t know how 🤷

    • +1

      Depends on the type of watch and occupation though.

      • Thank you , it’s a regular office job guy writing off Guess watches, sounds dodgy so not going to touch that

  • +2

    if I saw that on someones wrist id just assume its a $200 seiko

    • I thought this was an emperor tuna post (which is a $3000 watch) until I read "quartz" …

  • +1

    Seiko Tuna

    Sounds fishy

    Case size 49.4mm

    This would make my spaghetti wrists look like angel hair wrists

    • +1

      LOL.. don't forget you need to wear it on top of your diver suit which is easily added 1 to 2cm to your wrists circumference so you will be ok.

      • Fettuccini wrists then.

  • +2

    I don't understand what these extreme depth watches are for? Are they for when you are exploring the Titanic wreck in your submarine and you want to duck outside to take a piss?

    • Yeah its all rather pointless past 700 meters or so. And some go to thousands of meters… The fact they can do this is pretty amazing however. Next up we will have watches that are rated >100oC in temperature, >1000oC incoming!

    • I honestly think anything past 100m is just a statement at this point (nothing wrong with that). I’m sure any serious divers that go down to 200m+ would prefer to use actual dive computers.

  • +1

    I have done lots of scuba diving and never worn a watch, there is so much to explore you really forget about time, an hour looks like 10mins. Mostly you keep an eye on the amount of oxygen left in your tanks. Once you done few hundred dives, you look at the O2 gauge, you will know that you have spent an hour or hour and half under water. Each dive is different to the previous one, the more you do it the more you want to do it, you just can’t have enough of it. It’s just peaceful, serene and blissful. Just enjoy the experience and worry about the time when you surface.

    • I think diving is all about time. I hate the water so don't know too much, but pretty sure if stay in deep water below a certain amount the increased pressure can't be sustained and causes irreversible damage to ear and potentially interracial pressure .
      Hence why this diver watches have a rotating bezel to give an indication of when you entered

  • +1

    @maverickjohn:I hated water as a kid, but it all changed when I first went snorkelling at Great Barrier Reef whilst on a school trip. I felt one with the water/environment. I wanted to see them up close so took up diving classes. For few months I was terrible at it, had issues with blocked ears, pain in the ear drum and so on. I had nearly had given up on it, but it all changed whilst on a trip to one of the remote island of Indonesia/Malaysia. I met an elderly man there (probably in his sixties) who would dive without any gear and wouldn’t surface for 10mins plus. He gave me few tips on how to equalise the pressure in your lungs and eardrums whilst diving, also the key is to keep your HR quite low. He also taught few types of breathing techniques that would enable me achieve them. The key is to train your body. It took me around 6 to 8months of practise to get to a stage where I started enjoying my dives, previously where I hardly could dive below 5 to 8 meters, now I could easily achieve 50-60 meters(around 6-8 bar) plus I could stay longer now. It took me nearly 3 to 5 years to reach here(of course using diving equipment). The main thing to consider whilst diving at this depth is to avoid oxygen toxicity.
    All I can say is life in depths is quite harmonious and serene, it’s a like a mega cleaning factory, if humans could learning a bit or two from these creatures would make this planet a better place for everyone.

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