Are These MicroSD Cards Legit? Why Are They So Cheap?

Like this 512 GB one $29.99 or this 512 GB one for $29.98 ($1.99 shipping)

Why are these ones so much cheaper compared to other microSD cards ?

Are these fake ? Or these don't last as long as other ones like this 512 GB one

Is it to do with A1 written on microSD card ?


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    If it’s on eBay sold by randoms then assume fake and avoid.

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    It's probably a 2GB card costing $1 and they hope most of the buyers will not notice it in time to get a refund.

    The card will just keep writing and writing and once you try to read anything that's overwritten then you star pulling hair :P

  • Not legit

  • So cheap,99% fake.

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    Why not just find something genuine from a reputable store, they're crazy cheap as it is without taking silly risks.

  • Buy one and see how big they really are.

    I have a photo a microSD Card that shows it's 1TB and U99, but just because I have a photo does not mean it's fake or its real….

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