Black & White MFC Which Scans Double-Sided

Help, our Printer/scanner is showing signs of aging and have been hunting online for sometime but it just going around the circle.

The one criteria which is hard to see is we would like the Scanner to be able to do double-sided scanning. Our current can only scan one side at a time, and then we have to turn it over and scan again. It becomes really tricky when we have more than 10-pages!

Any help much appreciated.

Happy EoFY Shopping !


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    Brother MFC-L2750DW if you can find stock.

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      I bought this just for scanning, it can do single pass double side. 😆

      • What's "single pass double side"? ><

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          It means it doesn't have to flip the paper (which can often happen automatically, but slows down the process), it can just run the paper through once, and both sides are scanned at once.

        • Its not that slow but 0% paper jamming.

    • Thanks so much ozwog, I just saw L2730, wonder what's the difference?
      Will check stock hope to get in before EoFY.

      BTW, usually they come with starter print cartridge? Might be good idea to get new one, or should be able to get after-market other brands?

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        No problem. Pretty sure the L2730 has double-sided printing, but lacks double-sided scanning.

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      Crazy that a product that was released 3 years ago is still not fully stocked.

      I purchased mine pre-covid for under $250.

      Good all round MFC.

      • Under $250? That's a good deal.
        The current price is about $349?

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          $236 from Officeworks Pricematch.

          3 years ago you could also negotiate and get 10-15% off a car too!

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