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[WA] Hibiki Harmony 700ml $160.65 @ Porters Liquor (Perth)


Hibiki Harmony for $160.65 from the Porters Liquor Claremont (Perth) store (online sale).

The store has discounted the whisky, but Porters are running an extra 15% off on whisky and wine all over Australia. So, after the store discount as well as the 15% off, total came to $160.65 per bottle.

I ordered a click and collect, so was ready to pick up in an hour.

Lots of other great specials for EOFY running till 10th of July.

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Porters Liquor


  • Is this really twice as good as an age statement scotch whiskey like the 10 yr Talisker to deserve double the price even when on special?

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      Taste is subjective, but to my uncultured palate Japanese whisky is overpriced now and not worth it.

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      They are completely different drinks so I don’t think you can really compare.

      But also, no.

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      Short answer no. Japanese whisky is at a premium due to shortage of aged statement supply.

      Don't get me wrong, the hibiki 17 yrs is an amazing drop and makes the harmony forgettable.

      Talisker 10 is an excellent value bottle but a totally different taste profile for comparison 😊

  • I bought a few bottles of Nikka, Yamazaki, Hibiki, etc in Japan a few years back for 30-40% of the cost they are in Oz. I enjoy them, but don’t think any are worth the price they are now. The AUD is very strong against the YEN so if/when borders open to Japan, I’ll be stocking up once again, unless they have jacked up local prices

    • They have jacked up local prices big time there. They know there is huge demand. Plus the new Japanese law now states that whisky that is brought into Japan and bottled cannot be labelled as "made in Japan", so the likes of Nikka from the barrel and a lot others will have to be re badged, hence Suntory prices go up more.

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        So, the golden era is over? Shame. I loved whiskey shopping in Tokyo. Wandering backstreets to find the tiny mum & dad bottle shops with $50AUD bottles of Hibiki and $25 bottles of Nikka

        • Oh, that's long gone unfortunately 😕

  • Jeez, if i went back in time and bought extra of all the aged statements from Hibiki, Yamazaki etc then i would be a rich man. NOA Japanese whiskey is such a ripoff, but then prices for any aged statements from any country has gone up. The Hibiki Harmony is ok (under $100 ok)- it's young, a blend (some blends are great, don't get me wrong) and only at 43%. There ae plenty of better drops at this price, just need to choose your style: Sherry, Peat, Port, Wine. 'Nicks' has a good sale on at the moment, you are better off looking there :

    Grab this for an extra $20 more : https://www.nicks.com.au/products/glenfarclas-21-year-old-si...

    Otherwise a Redbreast is a fabulous drop : https://www.nicks.com.au/products/redbreast-12-year-old-iris... can be bought cheaper through boozebud at times

    There are some great independent bottlers that they stock as well - Some of the Carn Mor series have been amazing - the Caol Ila from them was brilliant

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      Love the Glenrothes Carn Mor. Got a few bottles from the same shop last month.

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