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Roasted and Salted Cashews 800g $10 @ Coles


Cashews are native to South America and were introduced to Africa, South East Asia and India. These countries are the major growing regions today.

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  • It's been like this for several months.

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      You’re probably just stuck in a rut. Cheer up

  • Coming up $16 for me.

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      Please see the text in white with blue background… above the title.

      • Ah, thanks 👍

  • Always thought cashews were priced with the expensive nuts like macadamia, pistachio, almonds.

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      These are more like…..cashew shaped salt than a nut though

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        This was really poor quality last time I bought, full of broken pieces and the whole ones are really small, won't buy again even for that price.

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        Too over salted to the point of not being enjoyable

        • Yep agree with all of the above sentiments, in addition to the over salting I didn't think the actual nuts were very good either. The ones from woolies are way better in my opinion

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    Fyi, grades = $

    Grades of Cashew Kernels:


    The name W240 has two parts in it.

    W stands for “White Whole” cashews.

    If the colour is a little dark, it will become SW 240, which stands for “Scorched Whole” 240.

    The number 240 signifies how many kernels are there in 1 pound (Lb) of cashew.

    That's how you get grades like W240, W320, W450, SW320 etc. The bigger the number is, the smaller the kernels will be.

    • I dream of the day when all cashews will be created equal

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