Wacaco Picopresso Handheld Espresso Maker $139 Delivered @ Alternative Brewing


The Picopresso has been this price before, but Alternative Brewing have free shipping for EOFY, which makes it the cheapest it's ever been.

The Wacaco Picopresso is the most travel-friendly compact espresso machine ever, pro-oriented to brew exceptional quality coffee without compromise, it rivals that of high-end expensive machines. Features such as the naked double filter basket, dosing ring, WDT Tool and metal tamp assure you’ll always enjoy delicious creamy espressos, practically anywhere.

The Picopresso’s clever lightweight design makes certain it’ll be the first thing any coffee lover will grab when packing to go away. Stored safely in an EVA soft carry case, the portable espresso maker is suitable for any occasion and is solidly built using premium materials including the 52mm steel non-pressurised portafilter, tamp, funnel and water dispersion screen.

Wacaco Picopresso Features

  • Authentic cafe-quality Espresso – Upto 20g Doses & 40ml shots of rich, creamy espresso.

  • Even More Portable – Even smaller than the Nanopresso, brew espresso anywhere!

  • Hand-Powered Pump – Capable of producing 18bars pressure to brew true espresso shots.

  • Naked Portafilter Basket – Watch your espresso brewing out from the bottomless basket.

  • Complete brewing tools – Dosing ring, WDT Tool and Metal Disc tamp for ideal preparation of espresso.

  • Travel Ready – With a durable EVA material case with a soft fabric lining for safe travels.

This product includes:

  • Wacaco Picopresso
  • Double Filter Basket
  • Protective EVA Shell Case
  • Metal Tamp WDT Tool
  • Dosing Ring
  • Coffee Scoop
  • Brush
  • The Specifics
  • Material: BPA-free Food Safe Plastic, Silicone O-rings, Aluminium
  • Dimensions: (H) 106 x (W) 78 x (D) 71mm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Water Capacity: 80 ml
  • Ground Coffee Capacity: 20g
  • Max Pressure: 18 bar / 261psia

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  • looks too complicated for my airjo coffee.

  • Pick yourself up a 1zpresso Mac while you are at it. Not bad for the price at the moment.

    • What is the Mac? I'm trying to find it but I can't see it.

      • I believe they meant 1zpresso j-max (typo from X to C?)

        • Yeh, that one. Sorry, got auto corrected.

  • I got the timemore chestnut c2 grinder, you reckon that's enough to make good espresso in this? Or should I stick to pourovers (current)?

    • +1

      I've actually got the same grinder, if you want an absolutely perfect espresso probably not, but for a normal person's every day use, I've used my chestnut C2 in espresso machines and it seems to make a decent brew.

    • +2

      very difficult to dial in, with such a small usable range in espresso settings, particularly if not a pressurised basket like the picopresso, suggest JX-Pro currently on sale at same website

  • +2

    This thing is incredible. I recently got one and use it with a JX Pro grinder and Subminimal Nanofoamer. I'd recommend using a better WDT tool (0.3-0.4mm accupuncture needles on ebay). The one that comes with the Picopresso is a little too thick.

    • +1

      Or use a wine cork and sewing machine needles if you have any lying around

  • +2

    sounds a little bit like 我操

    • aw op fixed the title lol

    • 我操 Is a very versatile word depending how u say it

      But yeah I have both Timemore C2 and picopresso and the nanopresso before this

      Does some effort to dial in to get it right but I guess part of fun each to their own

  • Add "member" to get extra $5 off from your purchase.

  • Just an FYI I can't imagine getting 20 grams in the basket, as stated in the description, more like 18 grams max but works better at about 17 grams (obviously your mileage may very and is dependent on roast level)

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