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[PS5] Returnal $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU / JB Hi-Fi (C&C)


Received a price drop notification on Returnal. Also on sale at JB so potentially $49 if you still have a perks voucher to use.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just upgraded my PS plus for $50 and have access to this game. Plus many others.

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    I love owning a physical copy but gotta say that's a thing in the past.

    As mentioned above this game is free on PS Plus subscription, makes no sense to buy this for $59, not even $29 (for me).

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      I would think that I could play this, finish it, then flog it on gumtree for at least $40 if not more, which would only put me out of pocket a very small amount. Still seems to be a pretty compelling argument for physical disks.

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        You are not counting time spent putting up an ad, meeting up a buyer, potentially getting stood up, meeting a second buyer, etc. Time = money and this is an opportunity cost.

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        It is the game which is not easy to finish.

  • Target had it around $30 a few months ago, all gone by now obviously.

    But decent price.

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    My PC plus runs out in 2 weeks, to be honest I have not enjoy the last 12 months and barely played any the games available.

    The upgrade is close to $150 a year? The 3-4 games I probably would play would be on the used market cheap, i'm contemplating whether it's worth it

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      Doesn't sound like it. I have many years of ps plus I bought for cheap, so it's a very cheap upgrade for me so makes sense. At $150 it becomes questionable. But if they add more games during the year, that you want, then it would be worth it hey.

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      Tbh the PS Plus of the last 12 months is nothing like the PS Plus we have now. Its like comparing old Xbox live to gamepass. 2 very different beasts. If there is still only a couple of games you would play out the hundreds on their now then clearly wouldnt be worth it but jeez there are a lot of good games on there now..

      • The problem is, I only play call of duty however I own 15 PS5 games and 10 of them are on there lol

        Normally I buy used games for like 70% off, unless it's a new release which isn't on PS Plus anyways.

        I can also sell used games, but $150 a year the play even 5 games just doesn't seem worth it to me.

        I'm not sure if you pay monthly or yearly, but essentially after you've played all the games you want to play you just throwing money down the drain for older games?

        If it was $50-75 maybe different. I dunno!

        • +1

          I think the lineup is surprisingly good - admittedly less so if you've gone out and bought all of the PS5 exclusives ahead of this release (I have Returnal, Miles Morales, but that's about it).

          There are some decent indies as well - I'd suggest a google of best games on PS+ extra to get some inspiration.

          All of that said it's entirely subjective.

          On this game - agree it's hard to justify at this cost when it's included in PS+ and been cheaper, but it is a hell of a game. Maybe worth investing in a second controller for when you launch the first one out of frustration though :)

    • Just go the $135 tier. It's probably the best anyway

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