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Nike Air Max Pre-Day Shoes $95.99 (49% off Original Price $190) + $9.95 Delivery/Free with $200 Spend @ Nike


I have been eyeing these shoes for last few days but the sizes were not available. Most of the sizes were made available overnight.

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  • +freight $9.95

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    Accessorise with a court issued ankle monitor ;)

    • Why do they look like that makes sense…

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      I was going to make a very similar comment and mention the extra 5% off with discount code ONPAROLE5. 😛

    • That’s Air Force 1’s in black model

    • yeah, I'm thinking Nike Shox lol

  • not sure if comfortable

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      Look pov

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      It's more sporty hipster than meth-head eshay

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    Lol poor OP.
    Another pair of Nike's get shat on by the OzB fashionista's.
    Remember everyone:
    Nike = Criminal
    Adidas = Law Abiding Citizen
    These copy+paste comments are getting boring.

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      Not Nike's in general, just some Air Max models

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      Asics = posh/chav geezer shoes

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      These copy+paste comments are getting boring.

      So is gatekeeping on humour.

      • Except when it isn't humourous.

        • Would you say that, like shoe styles, humour is subjective?

          Ps. Not even funny bruh

          • @scatman00: Well done, but I was actually referring to the colour, not the shoe. Bikies/drug dealers are known to wear red runners. Notice how I commented on how uncomfortable they are? That's because I've owned a pair but the same can't be said for the majority of people commenting about Air Max's. They're merely hating on the shoe just because they wouldn't wear it and that doesn't help anyone who may have genuine interest in purchasing the item.

            • @p3r514n: Plenty of gym rats and RNB rappers wear red shoes.

  • ahh yes the "eetswa you got a dollar for the bus?" shoes

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