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Barilla Red Wine and Garlic Pasta Sauce 400g $2 (Was $4.60), Guinness Draught Can $3 @ Woolworths



Barilla RED WINE and GARLIC sauce is a delicious blend of ripe Italian tomatoes and garlic, with a hint of red wine. Prepared without added preservatives, this recipe is the perfect base for your own combination of meat or vegetables, or equally delicious on its own with your favourite Barilla pasta.

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    Fun pub trivia fact: Owner of Barilla is an ex Le Mans winner and Formula 1 driver


  • This makes great pizza sauce.

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    This barilla pasta sauce is the bomb. My kids (and I) love it.
    For anyone with a Philips pressure cooker (or any type really) - fry off your mince, add sauce and whatever grated veges (to hide them), pressure cook for 15 mins. Done. Can whizz up to really hide the veges if needed. Delicious.

    • How much mince per jar do you use?

      • 400-500g. A fair bit of liquid comes out of the meat and grated veges (I put in carrot and zucchini). Sounds like not a lot of liquid but it ends Up very saucy

        • Wasn't a huge fan of the outcome, but everyone's taste buds are different.

          I think next time I'll do veggies + 250g mince, add garlic, and probably a can of Italian tomatoes (pureed)

          • @TEER3X: Fair enough - its more of a quick and easy meal for the kids (which I often destroy as well)

  • I normally get the bolognaise one, but let’s see how this one tastes

  • I'm confused about the Guiness - is this an online deal only?

    I assume it's not on Woolies' shelves because of the alcohol content but I've checked the BWS site and single cans aren't listed.

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      $3 at BWS.. you might be spelling it wrong.

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    If you're shopping Woolworths specials be aware they now have online specials that are not available to shop instore and there are TWO versions of the catalogue, one online and another printed one instore and they are NOT the same .. %$%#@ .. !!

  • Guinness case price is $60 which is also a reasonable deal.

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    Barilla are the largest pasta maker in the world (I think). Their pastas are absolute crap. Their sauces seem to be good from my limited experience.

    If you want half decent dry pasta, try la molisana (Woolworths) or Cucina matese (Coles)

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    Don’t use jar sauce champion, you can do better. 2x cans of tomatoes, cup of red wine and some stock powder with garlic and some other herbs of your choice will taste miles better with your choice of mince, just beef or for extra flavour use pork & veal, cook until reduced to your favoured consistency and add veg of your choice. Make sure you cook off the alcohol 🤣

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      F*** jar sauce!!

    • There is certainly a time and a place for jar sauce…

      • We must strive to be better!

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