Custom Printed Gildan T-Shirts 50% off - Prices from $16.00 for 1 - Free Delivery @ HappyPrinting


With a self-designed t-shirt you, your company or your organization will stand out! Print your t-shirt with a logo, photo or a text.

Great to get in before EOFY for your business!

  • Design your own custom t-shirt
  • Customise with text, photos and designs
  • Regular fit (men), Slim fit (women)

We don't have an end date for the current promo.

Other products include:

Questions welcome.

What brand is the T-Shirt?

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  • +6

    What brand of t shirts do you use?

    • +2

      The mere fact that they don't mention the brand implies that it's some cheap shitty tee ie. not AS Colour, Gildan etc.

      I'm happy to be proven wrong.

      • That's what I guessed, I've got AS Colour ones from TeeJunction which are about the same at regular price, and this sort of price on clearance/promotion.

    • Just finding out from the team at the moment.

    • +2

      Gildan is the T-Shirt Brand.

  • +1

    What brand t shirt do you guys use? Can you please kindly answer?

    • Just finding out from the team at the moment.

    • +1

      Gildan is the T-Shirt Brand.

  • Otherwise where can I get a website that does hoodie printing?

    • +1

      There is TeeJunction, who have this white one clearance at the moment:

      They use AS Colour gear, which is really good, but the hoodies are a bit expensive. But one of the best hoodies you can get.

      • cant add clearance shirts to cart!!

    • Just finding out from the team at the moment, but I believe we do offer hoodies. I will come back to you on what the next steps are to place an order.

    • Confirmed with the team we don't unfortunately have hoodie printing available.

  • +1

    Brand of tshirt required before I could proceed.

    • +1

      Just finding out from the team at the moment.

    • +1

      Gildan is the T-Shirt Brand.

      • +1

        Oh. Looks like the horse has bolted. Gildan is an option you guys should be proud of. I think you lost your audience early. You buried the lead. Next time, if you make that clear from the get go I could see the post evolving with very different results for your orders. Just want to help sincerely.

  • -3

    Which brand are they rep?

    You're online, so why don't you answer?

    • +11

      Just finding out from the team at the moment which is why I haven't come back just yet. Trying to hold out until I had all the information.

      • +2

        Now you're speaking his language.

        • Now just smile and give jv a Vegemite sandwich

      • Any staff member should be able to tell you as it is their core business. Why the delay?

        • They're checking the label.

        • Waiting on an email reply as I am remote from printing HQ.

    • +2

      Gildan is the T-Shirt Brand.

      • Is this a crappy brand? Got to ask the people of ozbargain

        • +3

          Gildan is good. I would like to retract my initial statement

        • +1

          Gildan is pretty decent and used by a lot of t-shirt printing companies

  • Hat showed up real quick, love it. Will have to grab a few shirts too now

  • Got some trucker hats and shirts from last deal. Printing and delivery was super quick. Can confirm the shirt is Gildan and feels good. The printing I got (white printing on a black shirt) isn't as thick as it could be, but can't fault it for the price. Volume discounts kicks in after only a few items as well, which is good if you are ordering a few things with the same design.

  • Is there a way to print front and back?

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