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[VIC] $100 off Pet Desexing in July for Alpine Shire Residents @ Ovens & Kiewa Vet, Myrtleford


July Desexing Discount Offer

$100 off all Cat & Dog Desexing Procedures In July For Alpine Shire Residents – In Partnership with the Alpine Shire Council.
+ 50% Off Royal Canin Neutered Food Range.
We strongly recommend desexing your pet due to the positive behavioural and health benefits of the procedure. In females, desexing will eliminate the chance of unwanted pregnancy, stop heat cycles and will reduce the risk of mammary cancer developing. In male dogs, desexing can reduce their desire to roam, fight and territorially spray, as well as eliminates the risk of testicular cancer.
Click here for more info: https://www.ovensandkiewavets.com.au/100-off-pet-desexing-in...

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    Does it include goldfish ?

  • Not much chance of testicular cancer when you don't have testicles.
    Not naming names though.

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