Smart Watch for Monitoring Stress Levels or Blood Pressure

I have high blood pressure which fluctuates a bit during the day due to work pressures. I am already on meds but my b/p can get to 160/105 when I get stressed.

I try and take time out to do deep or boxed breathing but I am thinking of getting a smart watch to alert me if my stress level or blood pressure is high. Not looking for medical grade device as i have a seperate omron blood pressure monitor but somethings that alerts me when the device thinks my stress level or bp is high. I'd like to hear from those who own watches that claim to report on stress levels or bp (pls advise on what watch you wear).

I am curious if people who use such devices find that the watch reported high stress level or bp correlate to increased blood pressure tested on a medical grade device (if you have high bp) OR if it correlates to you feeling stressed (sometimes shallow breathing, quick pulse, anxiety etc).


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    Apple Watch is probably one of the most ideal options with plenty built-in features and tons of add-on apps too.………

    I believe you can buy one from Apple direct, try it and if not satisfied, return it within 14 days (but double check).

    • But doesn't do BP monitoring which is the one thing OP wants?

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    to monitor stress levels ???

    Wow, i think you might be in for something totally placebo

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      Most smart watches comes with "stress monitoring" functionality which is done via heart rate variability (HRV) technology so I would not consider it a placebo effect.

      Research so far has shown that the use of such of such devices show promise at detecting stress when comparing resting and stressful states (based on my very basic layman interpretation of the study below).

      The accuracy of smart watch blood pressure monitor part is more contentious hence my asking for feedback =)…

      • I have Stress level based on HRV on my Garmin, but it doesn't alert or notify you, just logs it and you have to check it/log into the app to see what it is/was.

  • I was going to buy the Samsung Galaxy watch last year that did BP, but will now wait to see what is released this year.

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    Yeah Apple wtch doesn't have a bp monitor.

    I'd stick with the galaxy (46mm, not the smaller ones, due to battery size).

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    AFAIK there are no medical grade wearable devices currently.

    TicWatch GTH Pro might be your best bet at the moment:…

    An ASX medical company called Cardiex supplies the blood pressure tech to Mobvoi for this device, but it is still classified only as a consumer grade device.

    Note that the arterial readings are manual only, not continuous.

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    I really can't imagine a watch measuring blood pressure to any helpful accuracy. you're better off keeping a monitor if your office which you can use in case of concern. checking it too frequently isn't good because the stress/ anxiety of it will do more harm than good

    as for stress monitoring, I have a garmin music 645 which allegedly measures stress, and it's utterly useless and totally inaccurate. apart from not identifying actual stress, it tends to treat high heart rate as stress, which is not the case

    • This is exactly what I was wanting to know. Thank you for the feedback.

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    I own one (Samsung) and I purchased it for similar reasons to yours.

    I think it was a waste of money.

    The only thing I use it for now is tracking my heart rate when on treadmill.

    I am not a doctor and not giving you medical advice. If your health allows….. buy a treadmill or go out for a run for 30 mins a day, I can vouch that stress levels will go down and your BP will be much better.

    6 months ago I was reading 150/100 consistently. Now I am I 120/80 range everyday. I am in my early 40's.

    If your work is stressful then have a conversation with your boss. If he is half decent he will support your personal well being Journey and give you some flexibilty.

    Take care of your health first.

    • I will try and increase my cardio. That is a very impressive drop in bp in 6 months. The weight I piled on during then pandemic probably made the bp worse. Thanks for the feedback too.

  • Hi jj1, I'm reading this post as I have the same question. Did you have any luck finding something suitable? Thank you 😊

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