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Buy 2 M&M's, Malteasers or Pods Medium Bags, Get Free Pair of Socks in a Box @ Selected Woolworths Stores


Socks in a Box

Get a free pair of M&M's socks when you buy any 2 medium bags. While socks last
Currently on sale at Woolworths for $3.50 each pack of M&M's, which is $1 off the normal price.

Eligible products are "medium bags" of M&M's, Malteasers and Pods, 130g to 180g bags.

Check that your Woolworths participates in the offer and that they have the socks in store.

To obtain the free socks, you should purchase the two M&M's, Malteasers, Pods in the same transaction and also scan the box of socks.



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  • +17

    Reminds me of 🥕 in a 📦.

    • +16

      RIP Sean

      • +4

        Didn't think of that but FK yeah, that and its sequel are two fantastic TV moments.

        (EDIT: Amongst MANY with Sean Lock involved. Re: "That's a challenging WK…")

        • +3

          "Good luck trying it without a spit" 🤣 Vale SL

  • +4

    Never needed incentive to buy chocolate

  • +4

    Bloody hell, there's gotta be easier ways to get socks. Always wondered how I could acquire more…

  • +6

    $3.50 for M&M's is a rip off

    • +7

      It has been hit by the Woolies inflation. But remember it is $3.50 + $3.50 + Free Socks = $7. They look like good socks for $7 with free chocolate.

  • +5

    Buy socks with no sugar is healthier.

    • +1

      you can keep the socks, happy to take those chocolates from you…. XD

    • +2

      Go away with your intelligence 🤪

  • +19

    These are really cheap socks and might live without holes etc. for a year.

    I bought 10x icebreaker socks years ago and when they have a hole, I claim a free pair (lifetime sock guarantee). If the replaced ones get a hole I claim it again and again and again and again etc….. I made 6x a claim so far and they haven’t changed their policy:

    “Lifetime sock guarantee:
    At icebreaker we take pride in the quality of our socks and guarantee 100% satisfaction with your purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your socks we will provide you with a new pair. Please visit your original location of purchase to receive your replacement. If you purchased your socks from our website please complete our warranty form on our warranty page here.” https://www.icebreaker.com/en-au/service-warranty.html

    • +14

      You win ozbargain frugal award 2022

    • do they have sales? 30 bucks for a pair of socks :O

      • Yes, they have. I bought them actually on sale. It was like $30 for 3 pairs some years ago. It’s worth if you have socks for a lifetime for this.

        • +2

          please do share on ozbargain when they do have a sale :) I'd be keen

          • +4

            @bettina44: No worries, I will. They also used to give away free icebreaker shirts for birthdays. I have about 10 free shirts worth each $99 in my cupboard. Unfortunately you only get a beanie worth about $30 if you have birthday at the moment. There is no minimum spend to get your free birthday gift. If you create an account and refer your partner or whoever, he gets a $20 off minimum spend $100.

            • @Thehairpolice: ooo i better sign up to the newsletter!

              • +2

                @bettina44: 10% off for doing that

              • @bettina44: The have a sale now unfortunately only in store. Buy 2 pairs of socks get 1 free. Life time Warranty included…

            • +1

              @Thehairpolice: just wondering if you were on a higher tiered membership or just the entry level? I have been a member with them since about 5 years ago and never got these wonderful offers. The best was a 10% off on my birthday… :(

              • @verisimilitude: Just test it, change your birthday to tomorrow and see in the morning. There should be a beanie as a gift if you buy anything. It used to be one of these icebreaker t shirts with icebreaker written on which they usually sell for ridiculous $99. I have been a higher level on an old account but that didn’t give much other than the extra bonus and gift cards. You have to spend a lot to reach something there…

    • Not me thinking these were free socks with chocolate milk purchase.

    • +5

      That article was from 2008.

      It may or may not be an issue now, but I wouldn't solely rely on a 14 year old article to raise it as a concern now.

      • +1

        The glass in snickers was a few weeks ago

        • +1

          I got free diabetes with my m&ms

    • +2

      Maltesers, m&ms and pods are all made in Ballarat. Pods were even invented there. Snickers are coming back to Ballarat too.

      • That's good to hear. I won't eat anything made in China.

        • +1

          Check your frozen vegies next time, some are dolled up to look like they are aussie with a aussie bloke on a farm as the photo, but have a small - made in china print on the back

          • @Headless: Yeah I do. Same with frozen dim sims etc. There were reports of cardboard, carpet etc being found in them in the past. Look up "gutter oil" if you're brave…

  • +1

    Damn, none of the stores around me are doing the promotion. Could I ask where you found the advertisement?

    • +1

      It was from the current Woolies catalogue.

      Saw the promo in Punchbowl Woolies.

      • +3

        You mean "the area"

  • +2

    Is there a way to find out which stores have them without having to go into the store?

    • -1


    • +1

      check out the catalogue online and enter your suburb.

  • Nothing at Rhodes NSW

    • They are at Rhodes Central. At the back of the store. Not in the confectionery aisle

  • About 50 packs left at lower templestowe, Vic

  • +1

    Local store knew nothing about the promotion despite it in the local catalog.

  • Wow, these cost quite a bit on ebay, from the few sellers that have M&M socks or anything close. $37 posted, from one, and $40 from another seller which is ending soon.

  • Nothing at Marrickville Metro

  • Just got a pair from Woolworths Preston, VIC. They have a heap they told me. All behind the counter though.

  • +1

    Heaps at my local Woolworths too. Note it not found in the confectionery aisle but as a big display at the back/side of the store.

    • Where are you located?

      • Liverpool and Bankstown area it seems.

  • I was at my local WW, and they only had red.

    Are there any other colour socks?

    • +1

      Red is the only color.

  • PS: if you're only after the socks, they scan at $2 now.

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