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Bundaberg Drink Varieties, 12x 375ml $13.65 ($12.29 S&S) + Shipping ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Cancel subscribe and save immediately if you like……

Not all varieties available but the lemonade, mango, passionfruit, and lemon lime and bitters amongst those on special.

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    Coles also has a special on these, 4 pack for $4.15, prob a better buy to try different flavours

    • Oh thanks!
      Didnt realise, time to get some Guava.

      • Add 10c a bottle deposit (most people don't realise that in responsible states - the ones that in 2022 actually recycle), you pay 10c per bottle upfront, and get it back when you return it. So that would explain the extra 40 cents.

        • Well explained, so $3.96 per pack of 4 if recycling is included.

          • @htc: Hmmm… must have done a bad job! $4.55 (includes a 4 x 10c bottle deposit), $4.15 for states that don't have a bottle deposit/ recycling program.

            • @tunzafun001: Which states doen't have bottle deposit/recycling program? So it will be about $3.70 for pack of 4 using amazon SS price and subtracting 40c.

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                @htc: Unlikely Amazon would buy stock from a deposit state. They would buy the cheapest option.

                So technically, if you buy these bottes in a deposit state and return them (which means they wont have the deposit sticker). You wont get anything for your trouble. That being said, 90% of the time they will pass through undetected and yep, $3.75 it is (if you return them).

                • @tunzafun001: Thanks for the insight, many members below recommend various flavours, I went for mango as it has most votes compare to others. I might keep a couple of bottle for other usage as it looks like it has a special cap.

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                  @tunzafun001: Yes I can confirm that all of these bundaberg bottles are counted by the machines.

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    Oh that's a shame, the variety pack is $19 for 12 https://www.amazon.com.au/Bundaberg-Variety-Pack-375-Summer/...

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      But yummmm

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        Aaw so sweet, thanx.

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      Get it in, as long as you're active and not eating a high fat diet as well

      ps. the diet ginger beer tastes pretty good and a lot better in that regard

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    Diet ginger beer is da bomb!

    Thank OP…

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      Only one really worth getting. Thanks for the heads up

      • Is the diet ginger beer any good compared to the normal ginger beer?

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          As an all-things diet hater, it’s pretty passable. I would give it a go. I’ve got some coming one day from a prev order…

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    Never have the Apple Cider in these specials :(

    • try guava, it's fantastic.

      • Yeah, I think it was pretty good. For me, if I’m gonna have that much sugar it may as well taste like Cream Soda or Sarsaparilla

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    24 pack of Diet Sars is also $24.57 with subscribe and save (https://www.amazon.com.au/Bundaberg-Diet-Sars-24-375/dp/B08Y...)

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    Diet ginger is really good, but like coke, you can't beat full strength!

  • It may go well with that free pick-up recycling service with a return of $0.07 per bottle!

  • I hate that it is a minimum of 21 and you can't mix the 2.

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    The creaming soda is awesome, although quite sweet.

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    Damn! My fave is pink grapefruit but it's never discounted - even when they do these promos.

  • Anyone know the expiry dates on these?

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      On full sugar- probably never

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      I bought last night, arrived just now:
      1 case of Sarsaparilla - expires JUL 2023
      1 case of Tropical Mango - expires MAR 2023

      Hope that helps.

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    Gee I checked one bottle of guava and it says 48% of daily sugar intake in one serve

    Not sure if one serve is one glass or one bottle

  • Looks like this is the cheapest on record.

    • Doesn’t mean it’s good.

  • Better buy remedy Kombucha on special. Use KEEPER20 to get 20% off https://www.remedydrinks.com/au

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      Kombucha is healthier, which flavour did you get?

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        I like Cola

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        I mostly buy the mixed pack of cans, I love cherry plum, cola, lemon mint and orange squeeze which is pricy but awesome. Unfortunately the squeeze is out of stock. I placed an order some days ago with the 25% voucher SHOPBACK25, signed up for s&s (another 10% discount) and upsized Cashback (another 10%).

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          Now with all that discounts, almost 40% off, it will be much cheaper than woolworths. With just 20% off, it is more expensive than the woolworths special. Good to know remedy website exist with free shipping.

          Do you drink probiotic drink?

          • @htc: I don’t drink probiotics. Any suggestions what’s good? I started running 4 days ago and look for a lot of healthy alternatives.

            • @Thehairpolice: I haven't drank Yakult probiotic drink for many years. I think Kombucha also contains probiotic plus many other health benefits.

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          Edit, 25% voucher SHOPBACK25 still works! Do you check the remedy website regularly or is it just luck you order on the day that it has 10% upsize cashback?

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            @htc: Wow that’s good. Hopefully orange squeeze comes back in stock soon. It’s dearer but it’s just the best. Woolworths has them too, but look at the price! I check regularly and after signing up you get mails from them too for specials. Ignore the 15% discount voucher for the first order. There’s always a 20% voucher working…

            • @Thehairpolice: Went with your advice, ordered the mixed can. How long will delivery take? Does the can allow 10c recycling? Adding up all discount and shopback cashback (pre GST amount?), if 10c recycling included worked out to be $1.23 per can.

              • +1

                @htc: Usually it goes quick, but at the moment they move their warehouse and it might takes a bit longer. Yes, 10c cash in, too.

                • @Thehairpolice: I noticed remedy drink deal doesn't get posted on ozbargain that often, so I posted this mixed can deal.

            • @Thehairpolice:

              There’s always a 20% voucher working…

              Do you use honey to give you the latest working codes?

              • +1

                @htc: I sometimes go there to check if there’s a better one but often I find it just googling. KEEPER20 always worked but SHOPBACK25 is even better. I always report the codes to honey but it looks like they are hopeless and not putting them up.

                • @Thehairpolice: Good to know keeper20 always work, so I will get at least 28% off plus some shopback cashback.

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        Your link says out of stock for a start. Next argument is to order online at remedy, that you have more variety. You only get about 3 or 4 different flavors in big bottles. Then if you add all up, it is cheaper online if the right specials are online depending on best voucher and Cashback and yes you get Cashback if you use vouchers…

  • At what stage can you cancel "subscibe & save" and not get this one single order also cancelled or charged/ordered at later date?

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      I usually order and when I see it’s shipped I cancel instantly. Also chose s&s for a month which is max.

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        Cheers, will do that.

        I did the max 6 months ( to give me more time after I forgot/mixed up dates to cancel my Coffe Club membership this week by a few days haha That seemed to have worked for 1 x blood orange??

        • Let me pls know in a pm if you find a better voucher. They used to have for special occasions like 30 or 35% off vouchers plus 10% s&s and if you are lucky shopback upsized Cashback 6-10%. I always got my Cashback even after using vouchers.

      • +1

        The max interval varies per product.

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      I cancel it immediately. Then select the reason as "I have more than I need". There's an option to select "I wanted the initial discount", however we don't want to spoil the party so would refrain from selecting that one.

      • I usually cancel after the delivery is confirmed. So will the SS discount be applied immediately after placing the order on amazon? Does it also work on remedy too?

        • Applies immediately I can confirm.

          • @lemmstar: I read my above question again, I realised miss phrase what I really wanted to ask. Can the SS be cancelled immediately after placing the order and still receive the SS discount?

            • +1

              @htc: Yep 100%. You've already paid the discounted price and it doesn't prompt you to pay again, and it still gets delivered. My delivery is confirmed for today.

              • @lemmstar: Nice, I had to write a reminder each time to cancel after I receive the delivery. This will make it easier, I could cancel straight away.

                • +1

                  @htc: Yep. I just received mine today so 100% sure it is fine to cancel immediately.

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