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Ray-Ban Justin Color Mix Sunglasses Transparent Brown or Grey $89 Each (Was $178) & Free Shipping @Ray-Ban


50% off Ray-Ban Justin Color Mix Sunglasses + free shipping at checkout @Ray-Ban.com

  • Justin Color Mix - Lenses: Dark Brown Classic + Frame: Transparent Brown
  • Justin Color Mix - Lenses: Grey Classic + Frame: Transparent Grey
  • Other styles available

Valid until July 6th.

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    Luxottica Crap

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      I would like to know more.

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        Luxottica is an Italian eyewear brand who have bought out a lot of the popular glasses brands and even the designer ones - Ray Ban, Oakley, Dolce, Prada etc

        All these branded sunnies are now made by the same company.

        Here's a YouTube video explaining it:

        • He mentioned an independent sun glasses company named Sunski. They use recyclable plastics to make the frames. An “Environmentally friendly” sunglasses company. https://sunski.com/

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      love rayban and persol ….don’t care who owns the brands ….

  • If you do own design, it's not 50% off?

  • are the justin plastic or glass lenses ?
    any specials on wayfarers with glass lenses ?

    • plastic

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    non-polarised lenses are the 720P laptop screens of the sunglasses world. You just don't do it.

    • +6

      Would love to agree but unfortunately I need both sunglasses AND the ability to read a digital screen at the same time. Gotta get non-polarised for that :'(

    • for me plastic lenses are the 720p of the sunglasses world and glass lenses are the 1080p …..plastic scratches easily and these sunnies aren’t cheap ….

  • Thanks OP!

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    Nice sunnies, horrible colours.

  • can I get them in store? cant wait 12 days for express delivery

  • got 2 for $109 each Polarized because it good. TAX TIME TING

    • Username checks out

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    justins are my favourite over the 2132 and 2140 wayfarers. i need rx lenses so can't have the glass lenses anyway. they're decent driving and cycling glasses.

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    Had a pair of these but they didn't last that long, maybe a year in the glove compartment and the rubbery sides started melting and going sticky.

    Paid more for a pair of Serengeti. Not owned by Luxottica and their glass is made by Corning.

  • I have these in prescription glasses. Thinking if someone knows if I can just get the lenses at a deal or buy these and swap lenses for casual wear ?

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      as long as the frame sizes match, you should be able to swap the lenses over. bear in mind because the frames on these are quite thick, it can be a struggle to pop the lenses back in. you might be able to find an optician to do this for you. otherwise, i've not heard of a place out there that just allows you to buy only the lens, unless it's a reglazer but you'd have to send your old lenses/frame to them

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