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SanDisk 32GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive - $8.30 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Amazon running a deal for these for 56% off, it's even cheaper than the 16GB unit. Looks to be cheaper than the two last deals I could find which had these at $9.

Sold & Shipped by Amazon AU.

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    I've bought these before and found them to absolutely rubbish. They get very hot, very quickly and can not be trusted for any valuable data. I've performed an RMA with SanDisk 3 times, and each time they fail from overheating.

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      Yep, they also slow down to a crawl for any sustained transfers. Useful for on the move data transfer to chuck into laptop bag but DO NOT entrust them with any sensitive data without backups. Still decent price.

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      Yep, I had this issue with this type too… I can't believe they still sell this. Really bad for any real world use

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      I use mine as music storage in the car. It doesn’t hang out from the USB port much which is good.

      I think low speed transfer or little bits of data don’t heat these up much.

      • You've described the perfect use for this usb storage device.

        Especially for peeps who don't pay for Spotify/deezer and still get their music "elsewhere"


      • My use-case too. Perfect for where the USB socket is in my car (in the centre console thing where a sticking-out one would just get snapped off)

      • they heat up during writes not reads ….. so I also use in the car for music, and for my Win 11 image files, etc which do more reads than writes.

        So yes, if you write 32GB in one go, it will get hot, if you read 32GB in one go it doesnt ….its just how flash cells work ….

  • The 64GB one is also discounted to $13.62

  • looks like I've bought this before in Amazon.
    the 64gb was $10.49 on 1st June.
    128gb was $17.25

    • What's the transfer speed like.

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        Rubbish. Also overheats like anything

      • Up to 40 MBps
        It gets hot.
        That's using my new gen 3.2 USB PC headers

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    Don't bother with this one, unless you're interested in a branding iron.

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      So what do you re recommended for similar size for a notebook?

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    I was about to get one for my car audio but after reading these comments I won't.

    1 heater in the car is enough :)

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      Playing audio is fine.

      These are fast flash drives, they get warm with sustained writes. If they were slow, they wouldn't get warm.

      I found them to be much faster than most flash drives. If the plastic enclosure was bigger, you wouldn't be able to tell it was getting warm and all these panicking comments wouldn't be here.

      • I have bought these before, grabbed another 3 for movie swaps (hopefully remember to take home) to take and time for a new playlist for the car …..

      • Cheers. Went ahead and got 2 for my car :)

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      Like I said above this is a good use. Mine works fine in the car, has done for a few years now.

  • looks like a cheap OS drive for my retro pc with USB 2.0

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    Not sure why do make people rubbish this.
    It seems the "overheating" is mainly when writing.

    I use these in 2 cars for mp3's and they work great. Never had an issue. Perhaps they are best used for mainly reading applications, who knows ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    I certainly wouldn't call them rubbish.

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      Overheating is one issue. But it’s when it blows your right arm clean off that I feel compelled to leave a negative review

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      Hey you dropped this \

  • Have the previous usb 2.0 version and dont use it as im worried id lose it lol

    • size and losing them is a problem …..they are tiny I don't store critical data because I might loose them, but great for music, movies, etc which I also have on my hard drive if I loose it.

  • I bought one of these last deals. Honestly I just wanted something for my keys for smallish files or the occasional video file. So not overly worried about speed. That said it is entirely made of plastic, which is my main gripe with it. Not sure how long to will survive being on my keys. I have a similar looking Samsung one that is much sturdier and made of metal.

  • Great for small physical sized bootloaders

  • Absolute trash, body and plug are made 100% from plastic.

    I got one last time there was a deal and threw it in a drawer immediately, it will not survive regular use.

  • Bought one previously to mount unraid on, apparently it lacked a GUID so wouldn't work. Not sure if it was just my drive, but a heads up for anyone who plans on using one for a purpose that requires a GUID.

    Probably perfect for sharing files with a family member that….ahem… "forgets" to return them.

    • yep, I bought a packet of lanyards of Ebay so that I find these tiny things, but with CD drives becoming rare it's cheap and a great format for sharing stuff with family and not a big loss if you don't get it back.

  • Some really strong opinions about the quality of these. What do people recommend for smaller thumbnail drives for use as bootloaders?

    • bootloaders are read, so these little guys are fine …. if you are also doing writes you want bigger physical size or metal enclosure as size acts like a heatsink …..

      samsung also make some small ones …..

      USB flash drives don't use same cells as SSD and aren't designed as replacements for SSD…. so people just need to be mindful about how many write cycles … like SD cards for dash cams ….need to buy durable versions …….

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