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CommBank Rewards: 15% Cashback for 1 Transaction, up to $20 Cap @ Special Gift Cards


Just saw this in CommBank Rewards - advertising Special.com.au. Save 15% (up to $20).

Special cards are digital gift cards locked to a category and you can send to someone via email or sms. Then they can add to their mobile wallet Apple or Google Pay.

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  • CommBank with Amex cashback?

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      Sorry my bad. Copied the description from an Amex Deal! Updated now.

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    Boo, targeted (I don't have it)

  • Are they Visa Debit cards or MasterCard Debit cards that are locked to categories?

  • It's sort of like a Mastercard Giftcard. You can use this to buy (not swap) eBay and Amazon giftcard or just pay straight.

  • Save up to 20 or $20 gift card can be purchased.

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      Save 15% (up to $20).

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        So to have max benefit buy $133 gift card.

        • Just did that, wait 14 days now

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      Every one had their account banned and card cancelled

      That is such a blatant lie lol

      Personally was fine for me, so happy to buy more discounted special gift cards. Unfortunately not targeted for this deal.

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        It is actual me you quoted, maybe I should write it clearer,
        "Every one <who> had their account banned and card cancelled, please lodge a complaint to ACCC, so ACCC may lodge an investigation."

        I am not going to neg this deal, just hope every one be cautious with your own money.

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      From someone who got blocked:

      To add:

      My issues from the last Special deal are my own making. I definitely flew too close to the sun and pushed the limits of the offer but was lucky to have loaded the cards into GPay before my account was locked so I was able to spend them and cash out all the same.

      I won't neg this deal because it is a good deal. Just be cautious of the fact that this seller doesn't take kindly to the usual Ozbargain loophole exploitation. I definitely sympathise with people who were locked out and now aren't being refunded or provided at least what they paid for. That's pretty dodgy from the seller. If you are going to use multiple cards on this deal I'd advise that as soon as you buy a card, remove it from Special's control by spending it somewhere else before buying the next one. Even on another eGift card JB/Amazon/Colesworth etc. That way you're in control of your own inventory the entire time.

      • This was me.

        Even though one of my accounts got blocked, I ended up just making another account for the most recent AmEx deal. I'm also pretty sure that my 6 other accounts are still active. So 1/8 ain't bad.

        Didn't get targeted for this deal though.

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      Use it legitimately and you won't have issues.

      I created an account for myself during the original offer, purchased a $135 gift card for $115. No issue at all.

      My partner did the same with her details and one of her payment methods.

      I have no concerns using it again through amex/commbank.

      But as soon as you start duplicating your personal details, and using duplicate phone numbers, let's face it, you're commuting fraud. Don't be surprised if you get blocked or have your account barred.

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    From someone who didn't get blocked:

    @djsydney nailed it, if you rorted it wrong it was your own making.

    I passed it around the family and we all benefited without getting blocked. It would have been stoopid to keep redeeming them into one account.

    That said if people aren't getting refunded that is plain wrong.

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    how nice of Commbank to offer me useful retailers instead, Kogan $25 cashback with $250 spend.

  • It is on my Amex as well.

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    Got it, thanks OP. Finally something decent.

  • Not targeted.. go figure

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    Unfortunately I got Kogan and not this.

  • I'm having trouble creating an account. It won't accept any password combo even though all the ones I've tried follow its criteria:
    "Enter a password that is at least 8 characters, includes one number and special character, and is not a commonly used password"
    Are there additional criteria for passwords?

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      • Thanks - it seemed to need an upper case character as well (even though it did not specify this!).

  • Looks like the special website got OzBargained!

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    Special.com.au is only good for immediate hit and run during promos. Never seen a company take all of your money for (ab)using a promo code in a way their own systems allowed. At worst they should have issued a refund and just not honoured the promos.

  • Not targeted :<

  • Got it and bought $134 shopping GC.

  • Its raining money! Got 4 from Amex and now this one on CommBank!

  • Got the same offer, quite a process to maximise the discount (i.e. using Special GC to pay for other discounted GC).

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