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"Fried Night Footy Feast" $38.95 + Free Delivery on Fridays Only @ KFC (App Required)


Deal is back - needs APP, applies Fridays only.

Inb4 the 'it's not really free delivery' crowd.

Not everywhere, only available on Friday and subject to availability.
Free delivery offer waives the $8.95 delivery fee only.


6 pc chicken
8 tenders
6 nuggets
1 popcorn chicken (regular)
2 large chips
3 dipping sauce

FWIW the last KFC deal i got delivered, one of my tenders had what I could only descibe as bite marks… but this has me tempted as cbb making dinner tonight :D

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    They use door dash for their drivers. If they mess up your order which they regularly do, it’s next to impossible to get a replacement or a proper refund. They will give you a partial refund not up to the value of your missing or incorrect items and you’re stuck with whatever food the driver gives you on the night of your order.

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      FWIW the last KFC deal i got delivered, one of my tenders had what I could only descibe as bite marks - i raised a complaint through the kfc app and was issued a full refund 2 days later. Pretty happy with that..i really hope it was not bite marks though …

      if you're going to order I would do it through the kfc app, not the doordash app - doordash customer service is non-existent.

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        This was through the KFC app, as is this deal.

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          wow that sucks - i had issue with doordash app direclty for kfc and both parties agreed to refund but both parties denied having my money. My order was cancelled as kfc said ran out of chicken (it was placed 1 hour before closing).

          doordash - kfc has your money
          kfc - doordash has your money

      • doordash customer service is non-existent.

        Never had a problem with them, although I've only had missing items to contend with.

        I have occasionally gotten the wrong item (ordered a Big Mac, got a cheeseburger type of thing) but I use their site and say I didn't get my Big Mac - which is the truth - and get an automated credit.

        I'm not saying people haven't had a bad experience, though.

    • I have only ordered once through the KFC app for delivery. It was missing gravy and instead of wicked wings I got something else. Called the KFC number and they refunded 40% of the total purchase price. Came through on the card a few days later. Was actually just wanting my gravy money back and a little something for no wicked wings. I thought the 40% was very generous as I had spent about $90 with delivery.

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    one of my tenders had what I could only descibe as bite marks

    Oh that poor chicken!

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      Oh he's talking about chicken tenders. That makes more sense!

      Thought he was oversharing a personal injury.

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    Almost 40 bucks and not much better than a cheap as chips which is about half the price

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      Agree. I'd rather have cheap as chips and 12 wicked wings.

      • After the recent price hikes; not as cheap anymore.

        • from 20.95 to 21.95. oh no!

          • @abjsdhasehasee: $22.95 at my local now

            • @Spending2Much: Same. And the quality has dropped. I notice smaller wings and drumsticks in there now. Either the chicken shortage is real, or some franchises are trying to increase their profits slightly.

    • This. The Cheap as Chips meal is stonkin' good value!

      • as a pick up only deal - yes it is a good deal

        • You'll find a KFC almost anywhere in Sydney Metro

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            @mrtee: Sydney Metro is a long way away for many people…

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    Crazy expensive. I hope this is after the publicised KFC price increase

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      Your minimum wage went up, stop complaining.

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        im confused, you think everyone works minimum wage?

  • I! Don't! Care! I love it!

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    Was only $36.95 for me in metro Melbourne.

    Will get 3 meals out of this much food too which makes it a bargain IMO.

  • which footy they talkin'bout?

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