[Perks] Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB MicroSD Card $9 (after Coupon) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Hey guys. Just used perks voucher of the pro endurance 64gb micro sd from jbs.
Drops from 19 to $9 click and collect.
Thought it was good deal for the dashcam.
Seems a lot of stores have stock when I checked.

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    Please, no more of these posts…

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      Not a deal as normal price .

      Perk offer can be applied to any item and not everyone has the perk offer

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        You don’t sound really perky today.

        • I know what you mean. I am a 'Perk' member, but wasn't feeling perky yesterday (bad reaction to 4th COVID-19 jab) and as such I missed out on this very perky deal. Feeling perky again today and only now have I discovered this 'perk' deal. Now I am not feeling so perky after all as it was a good deal :(

          Them's the perks I guess.

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        It was actually on special yesterday at $13 through Amazon and Officeworks.

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    Maybe we should have the title as before when JB Perks was first released:

    Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB MicroSD Card $19 ($9 with JB Perks) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi

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  • What's perks

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    Thank you for this, I am looking for a memory card for my M10 Lenovo tablet, would this one be a good option?

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      You don’t need an endurance memory card for that purpose. Just get a normal one with higher capacity for the same price.

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    Tempted to just post the entire JB site at this point for internet points…

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    I'm just here for the comments

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      OMG I love the profile name … if only i was Kareem Abdul Chewbar ….

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    This is poor value. You can buy the same one from office works for $13 Which means using the coupon at JB you are only saving $4. Save your $10 coupon for something else that is worth buying rather than something that is over priced.

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      $13 is a good find! Spewing I paid $20 the other day for it.
      Thanks, bought another

    • Check your email. Mine got canceled (Automatic refund confirmation) today at 1pm. Just a heads up if people are still waiting. Good luck if it isn’t :)

  • OP just tryna save some of y’all time looking for stuff to spend the coupon on…

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      OP can do that in the JB Perks comments section, this doesn't need it's own post

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      And to devalue your coupon in the process!

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    Deal fail

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    Just like the Ebay Afterpay10 posts, JB Perks shouldn't be considered in the pricing since it's essentially a single-use $10 Coupon which other users may've already used. In which case the opportunity cost of using the coupon instead of purchasing it from OW makes this a pretty bad deal.
    Bargains grabber posted a good example of how you should list the title.

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      and that coupon deal is targeted

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    Cant JB price match officeworks then use perk?

    • Yes could do so!

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      I can confirm that this worked for me today:

      • I went to JB Hi-Fi (they had several of these in-store), grabbed one and then spoke to a staff person and showed them the Officeworks product listing on my phone's web browser
      • They then agreed to price match the one in my hand from the listed price of $19 down to $13
      • I then went to the checkout counter staff person, and then asked to apply my Perks coupon code on top of the price matched $13 - at this point, the counter person didn't seem sure I was permitted to apply the Perks coupon on a price-match reduced item, and spoke to another staff person … he then got told that I should be allowed to do so
      • Perk coupon code applied, $13 went down to $3

      $3 for a Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB microSDXC card - I'm fairly happy with that as a pricematch + Perk-assisted bargain for today :)

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