[PC] Games $1.59 each (Bridge Constructor Quad Pack, Men of War, Sudden Strike, Commandos, Postal, & more) @ Fanatical


Bridge Constructor Quad Pack
Commandos Collection Pack
Cute Creatures' Double Pack
Distraint 1 & 2 Double Pack
Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition
Dungeons 2 - Complete Edition
Eevery game from Abyssal Studios
Geometric Double Pack
King's Bounty: Collector's Pack
Men of War: Collector Pack
POSTAL Paradise Pack
Patrician IV Gold
Port Royale 3 Gold
Sudden Strike Trilogy
The Uncertain 1 & 2 Double Pack
Train Valley Deluxe Pack
Tropico 3: Gold Edition
Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle

Older games. Some are pretty good.

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  • +1

    Nice! Any personal recommendations?

  • Anyone know if the exclusive 2 mystery game bundle for $2.58 or whatever that’s offered when purchasing is worthwhile?

    • +2

      it'll be 2 shitty games that you'll be able to buy for less than a dollar each
      well, in my experience anyway, I have spent way too much to figure that out

      • Kinda what it figured… might give it a miss.

  • Port Royale 3 looks maybe with it? Depending on tastes

    • Not much to lose at this price.
      I played the Patrician and Tropico games, and enjoyed them, but not the hundreds of hours you could probably pour into them.
      They were good if you like acid type games.

  • Some outstanding all time low prices here. Jump to it!

    • King's Bounty: Collector's Pack
    • Men of War: Collector Pack
    • Dungeons 2 - Complete Edition
    • Train Valley Deluxe Pack

    Port Royale 3 Gold if you can get a certain trading card you'll make a nice profit.

    • King's Bounty: Collector's Pack

      If anyone is a fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic games, this pack is an absolute must.

  • Postal! Oh lawdy.

  • +1

    I loved Commandoes

  • One of these are good to buy and then use the 5% off coupon you get towards the purchase of something more expensive - effectively making it free or even saving you money.

    Apparently Shift Happens is a fun co-op puzzle platformer @ $1.55

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