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LEGO 43197 Disney Frozen The Ice Castle $184 + $7.90 Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Big W eBay


Now even cheaper than the previous deal with the coupon code.
I'd grab one if I didn't layby it for Christmas at Big W for $199 yesterday.

Disney Ariels Underwater Palace 43207 is also down to $96 with the coupon

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  • I really want to get this and build it with my daughter but she only just turned 2

    • Buy it and keep it in the box for a year or two?
      Will be a Christmas present for daughter who turns 4 this month. The build will be well beyond her capabilities/attention span but at least it won't get smashed to pieces when she plays with it

      • It is the cheapest it has ever been. I don't mind holding if they keep making it but I just am concerned that it may go out of stock and stop from production

        • +1


          Certainly one of the best prices for this set. Unlikely you'd regret buying it if you store it for the right time, future Christmas / birthday.

          • @seamonkey: There is the risk that by that time, frozen isn't the 'in' thing anymore. Decisions decisions

            My 4 year old loves it too, but even at 4 she's too young.

            • @Intake: Same choice here. Ultimately I think better off buying boxes of pieces over the journey! Too many pieces here that'll never get used for anything else.

            • @Intake: Crossed my mind but then I came to the conclusion (possibly wrongly) that Frozen will forever be a Toy Story or Avatar. Kind of live there with the ongoing threat of a further sequel to the sequel. Could move into even a classic collectible arena. Cries in all the Star Wars figures I threw in the bin at the height of the original film interest. Remember mocking a mate for his dozens of original things like Millennium Falcons. I digress, that surely isn't the future of Frozen. Glad my kids don't make me hear it anymore though haha

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