Kogan SmarterHome Cool & Warm White Smart Bulb 4 Packs: 5W GU10 (OOS) & E14 $9.99, 10W B22 $14.99 + Del ($0 with First) @ Kogan


My house is maxxed out with smart bulbs so didn't buy any but damn cheap and run off Tuya so work fine locally using Home Assistant and Local Tuya integration. Cheaper than buying normal bulbs.

$9.99 Kogan SmarterHome™ 5W Cool & Warm White Smart Bulb (GU10, Wi-Fi) - 4 Pack Sold Out

$9.99 Kogan SmarterHome™ 5W Cool & Warm White Smart Bulb (E14, Wi-Fi) - 4 Pack

$14.99 Kogan SmarterHome™ 10W Cool & Warm White Smart Bulb (B22, Wi-Fi) - 4 Pack

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  • How well does local Tuya integration work? I’ve found it subject to stop working at any time.
    I guess it depends on the product but I’ve found Tuya clamping down on external uses

    • +1

      Use Local Tuya and not the official Tuya integration. If you are smart enough to work out how to run a VLAN then you can isolate these from the internet. I have no idea how to do that and my router probably doesn't support it anyway but works fine for me.

    • Local Tuya works well, at least for my DETA light switches, as long as you keep the device added to your Tuya account. It has shown a set it and forget it kinda reliability for me.

  • OOS

  • Be wary that 5W will barely illuminate your house at all. You'll need additional lighting unless you want your house to always look like a smokers den

    • Yep but due to the form factor not sure they can have a higher power led

    • Why are we speaking in watts? Isn't lumens more important?

      • I am speaking in watts because that is the measurement included in the title of each listing that I chose to use. It's also a measurement which more people are familiar with - more watts is literally more power, which one could infer would generally produce more lumens. You can argue that it can be confusing between various light sources, but by now people understand that a 60W halogen is less powerful than a 60W LED. Watts also have the double effect of conveying power usage which may be a salient feature for people looking to minimise how much electricity they consume.

        What's more - people interested in the specific manufacturer measured operations of each bulb are welcome to click on them and do their own research. Those who are interested in lumens can go find the datasheet and come to their own conclusions

  • Dam the Gu10 seem to be sold out already

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