expired Final Fantasy XIII-2 $17.55 Delivered (PS3 and Xbox 360)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 $17.55 Delivered (PS3 and Xbox 360)Affiliate

Well, the price of this game has plummeted really fast. It's a fun game, much better gameplay at the sacrifice of story though.
Xbox 360 link: http://www.zavvi.com/games/platforms/xbox-360/final-fantasy-...

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    I'm just curious, i wonder why this game dropped so much regardless the positive reviews.

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      Square Enix has a habit of dropping the prices of their games very fast, e.g Deus Ex also dropped to this price in a month, Final Fantasy 13 had a pretty fast price drop too.
      Edit: Just realised you had already posted about this deal with your Kingdoms of Amalur deal XD


      Don't worry, with all the DLCs, you will soon find yourself paying full price anyway. :)

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    Damn, that's cheap. Now I need to justify not to buy it(still haven't started FF13 yet!).


    Collector Edition is $35.99 @ozgameshop
    Feature of CE.
    * Unique clamshell packaging containing the Final Fantasy XIII-2 game.
    * Composer selected soundtrack: CD with selection of music tracks from the game, specially chosen by the composers.
    * Artwork book "The Art of Final Fantasy XIII-2", featuring artwork from across the production.
    * 6 collectable postcards, featuring high quality CG artwork of main characters in the game.*High definition leniticular artprint, showing an iconic image of the Lightning character.


      Can't remember if it was FF XIII or FF XIII-2 but the collectors/crystal editions actually had bosses/enemies which you can only get from those editions or DLC…That is fucking retarded.

      "No you see the giant demon lizard only appears when you spend more money, stupid!"

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