Energizer Max AA Battery 10 Pack $12.99 ($0.99 after Perks & Pricematch) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


The sole purpose of this post is to help fellow OZB member to maximize the benefit of their $10 JB perks.
Ya I know the Logitec M185 is $0 after perks, but I've already got 15 of them when they were $5 each pre pandemic.
No I don't want junk PS4/Xbox games and No I don't need cables.
I want something that I actually need.
AA batteries with a 10 years shelf life for $0.99? not bad.

All you have to do is go to a JB store and ask them to price match with Super Cheap Auto for $10.99, show them your $10 coupon and pay the balance of 99c.

Btw, I tried to ask them to price match Energizer Max Plus AA Batteries (16pk) with Woolworth's but they said it is an "Online only" deal and refused.
Which left the Max AA 10 Pack become the 2nd best option to me.

Happy weekend~

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      They don't have Max Plus in 10 pack in JB. It's a 16 pack.

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        They had the 10 pack at my Jb hifi, I just left.

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      the funny thing is, i just bought these today from bigw haha

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    I have to tallk to someone to save $2?

    Yeah nah

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      You'll have to behave politely when you C&C in store anyway.

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        This belongs in the discussion forums, not deals.

  • I took a photo of the Energizer Max Plus AA on Woolworths and removed the "online only" element, hoping it'll be enough to catch the JB-HiFi guy off-guard.

    I imagine I'll show him this picture, and then he'll ask me if it's current and to open the Woolworths page again.
    Because he's already seen my picture, when I open the Woolworths page, he'll only look at it for a couple of seconds to confirm.

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      It didn't work for me.
      When I showed the cashier my phone, she didn't even look at it and just went to WW's website on her computer.
      she then found it's online only.

      • I suppose it depends on the person.

        One time I somehow managed to match a pair of earphones with the US website. Which meant I paid $239.00 instead of like $399 :-)

      • You can try calling the JB sales line and price match with them because they price match with Amazon. They send you a direct click and collect cart to your phone.

  • Thanks OP. I will try with the woolies deal first. If refused then will try the other one. Very good deal anyway. Cheers.

  • help fellow OZB member to maximize the benefit of their $10 JB perks.
    No I don't want junk
    I want something that I actually need.

    you need eneloops

  • Priced match Supercheap auto $10.99 - $10 JB Perks Coupon = $0.99 bargain :)

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    I had 3 perk vouchers
    Used @
    Batteries : price match woolis online only deal ($13.50)
    @$3.50 paid out of pocket ( called the jb line to get a link)


    Car charger - price match Hardley Norman ($18)
    @$8 paid out of pocket ( called the jb line to get a link)


    Car mobile holder - price match Myer ($17.97)
    @$7.97 paid out of pocket ( called the jb line to get a link)


    Total paid $19.47 for 3 products. Not bad

    • Well played sir! I got the same batteries as you, but I went into the shop and walked out a moment ago.

      I tried to register another account before, but didn't have time to finish registration with the mobile part.

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    Surprised anyone on ozbargains would go after these, considering this is the house of eneloop religion. Shouldnt these be shunned and stones thrown at the OP?

  • I got the Energizer Max Plus AA Batteries (16pk) matching Woolworths.

    I hope AAs were the one I need, I remember getting a deal on batteries a year ago and now I have a box of Sony batteries, I just can't remember if it was Double or Triple A 😅

  • Got price matched with woolies… Thanks OP

    • did you call them or message vie online chat?

      • sorry for the late reply…i walked in to the shops

  • Matched with woolies. 16 pk.

    • did you call them or message vie online chat?

      • Went into Rundle mall SA store. and shown them the woolworths page on mobile.

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          got price matched in store as well the webchat refused to price match

  • I’m not after this item but when using perk voucher online for click and collect do they know you used a voucher go towards an item?
    Or does item just get ordered and they don’t care or know as you don’t officially get a receipt just a copy of what you ordered.
    I have more than one perk voucher so unsure if store would be funny using more than one.

  • My perks voucher said expired even before expiry date.

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