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Easy Shed: 8% Cashback (Was 4.9%, Uncapped, 10% with ANZ Max) @ Cashrewards


If you need a shed, then this is a great opportunity with the "limited time offer" of free "Extra Height"! So if you're a tall person like me, then this will work perfectly so that you're not hitting your head every time you walk into your new shed!

8% Cashback, Uncapped, 10% with ANZ Max!

Enjoy your new shed!

Just as a side note Mod's I didn't add this to my previous Cashrewards deal as they have different expires and are different categories. If you believe they should be merged then please let me know and I'll be happy to cooperate!

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    They regularly have 30-40% off which may be a better deal but most reports say their sheds are rubbish quality, holes not lining up etc….DYOR

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    Many years ago, I ordered a shed and 2 skylight panels on two separate orders. I expected to receive a shed and 2 skylight panels. Instead, they removed 2 regular panels from the pack and replaced them with the skylight panels.

    I complained to customer service but they didn't give a crap.

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    Easyshed have a terrible reputation on here

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