Autoglym Silky Smooth Bucket Bundle $41 @ Repco


Saw this when I went to pick up the Turtle Wax recent deal at Repco Noarlunga South Australia. Not sure if it is nationwide but pretty decent deal for those who missed out on the Turtle Wax $35 deal.

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    You mean this one for $30 online and still in stock at a lot of places?

    • Yup, looks like same deal but $11 cheaper online

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        Go back and ask for a $11 refund. 😁

    • Wish I can cancel the TW delivery and then redo it with this included. Great deal!

      Guess I'll have to spend the extra $5 on shipping. But. I guess it saves me the hassle of my time, traffic, driving, fuel, so worth it, by that justification.

  • Does this bucket come with a dirt guard?

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      It wasn't mention. So I guess no.
      "Autoglym 15 litre wash bucket, Fast Glass, Vinyl & Rubber Care, Rapid Ceramic Spray and Hi-Tech Microfibre Cloth Bundle"

      • Thanks, I looked around, doesn’t seem like it’s included

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          I have an old armour all bucket, and it didn't come with a dirt guard. I am going to start using an old plastic strainer that comes with many a ricotta cheese (if you buy the 1kg and up). If it's too big I can cut it down to size

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    Cheers to OP and duk242. Added this to my turtle wax order yesterday that is not yet ready for collection.

    • Can you edit orders and combine delivery from different stores? How?

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        No, it was a new order. C&c at same store.

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    Thanks. Added to the turtle wax deal. Now have 3 buckets for the 3 bucket wash.
    Repco absolutely rampaging atm.

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      And one clean looking Hyundai Excel!

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    • I agree.
      You're making me spend too much.

      @OP,consider updating your post
      with all these awesome links!

    • You mean $20 + $4.95 delivery ?

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    Just an FYI, there are additional packs on clearance that may not have been mentioned in these threads (maybe they have?). There may be more, but it shows by what’s available at your local first in the search results, so I stopped looking once they weren’t available near me:

    Armor All Ultra Value Bucket $34

    Turtle Wax Exterior Car Care Kit $11

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    The silky smooth! Oh it's what I live for.

  • $30 online - just the ceramic spray itself is worth more than that.

  • does anyone have a recommendation for maztex/grand luxe synthetic suede trim so I can add it together with this deal? thanks

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