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Xiaomi Yeelight Candela Lamp $44.23 (Was $88.46) + Delivery ($0 with $100 Order) @ Yeelight

Today at Yeelight Australia we are having 50% Off discount on
Yeelight Candela Lamp $44.23(Was $88.46) Over $100 Free Shipping

Discount Code: PWMZ7DBGKY2R

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Yeelight Candela Lamp

Main Features:                                     
✅Light & Long-lasting: With a battery that lasts up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge, the candelas are ideal for picnics, dates, parties, patios, camping, or backyard gatherings.

✅Smart Atmosphere Lighting: The Candela is designed to mimic candlelight, making it easy on the eyes, and is perfect for setting the mood for an intimate gathering.

✅Remote Control: Yeelight Candelas with built-in BLE Mesh Technology, which allows you to set a max of 30,000 candelas together and control all of them at the same time by simply rotating any one of the candelas. Easily automate multiple Yeelight Candela throughout your home with smart group controls and brightness adjustment with the Yeelight smartphone app.

✅Easy to Set up & Use: Control your Yeelight Candelas with your fingertips! Use the Yeelight app on your smart device to adjust the brightness, switch the light on or off to control not just one but all the grouped candelas at once.

✅Elegant Design: Combining a neat, modern design with candle-like light, the Yeelight Candela is the perfect combination of form and function, making it the ideal decor accessory for any room in your house.

✅Clockwise and counterclockwise :rotating to adjust the light, giving you an unprecedented interactive experience, easy to operate.

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  • +1

    These would be worth it at half the price. As it is, you are paying for a non programmable, poor battery life that will mean continued use will have them last less than a night.

  • +4
    • Very limited in function
    • Battery operated
    • Looks cheap
    • Extremely awkward placement of the micro USB plug (which is underneath the light)
    • Continual power drain coming from the light when it isn't in use - including when it's turned off at the switch. It can only ever be cordless if it remains continually plugged in first.
    • Manual

    The Candela is designed to mimic candlelight

    Should actually read:
    The Candela is designed to manually mimic candlelight (but is not functional via the app).

    Save your $44 and put it towards your next electricity bill instead.

  • …which allows you to set a max of 30,000 candelas together and control all of them at the same time…


    • +2

      I bought 20,000 to start. Don’t wanna go crazy.

  • These are rubbish! Even if you listed them for $10 I wouldn’t bother

  • I completely agree with all above comments, after 4 years of use of my two.

    But having said that, and after 4 years - 2 of which it was permanently in my bag on permanent travel, and although the USB placement is agonizing, and the battery life means its more a "fall asleep to" light, rather than a "all night light", it is still working; you are really paying for a hardy well built little unit

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