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Western Digital 20TB WD Gold Enterprise Class SATA Internal HDD $654.10 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


It's back, and with a substantial price drop. The largest capacity generally available internal hard drive.

If you need the bragging rights or even the extra couple of TB this is close to an all time low price. Apparently cheaper a day or two ago but I missed it.

Personally I would currently go for an 18TB Seagate Iron Wolf Pro at $572.34 or wait for a cheaper external drive.
or maybe this deal I'd missed for 2 x 16TB for just over $900

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    You've got the power to know
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      • I know this much is true

  • While we're talking huge drives I just noticed that Seagate have new hubs with a 20TB option. Nearly $950 though. Maybe when I next need some storage it will have come down to something more reasonable.

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    it is a good price for 20TB Enterprise Class HDDs

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      Round and round it goes
      And oh don't you know….

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      It is a terrible price for a bunch of parsley, so thankfully it's for a 20TB Enterprise Class HDD.

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    $33.4 per TB

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      Your name suggests one thing but your words suggest you don't really know anything at all.

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      I remember when people said a 1gb harddrive was too much to risk, then 10gb, then 100gb, then 1tb….

      Just get 2 and use one as a backup

  • Bought the 16TB model Nov last year and can say it's a solid and fast drive considering it's spinning disk platters. Relatively quiet too, you want the Helioseal versions.

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    What's the usable storage size after formatting?

  • Is this CMR or SMR?

    • They're the top of the range "enterprise" model so I'm pretty sure it's CMR.

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