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Handmade Hunting Knife Damascus Steel Tanto Full Tang Blade Pakka Wood Handle, Genuine Leather Case $45 Delivered @ PEPNIMBLE


Handmade Hunting Knife Damascus Steel Tanto Full Tang Blade Pakka Wood Handle, Genuine Leather Case $45 Delivered @ PEPNIMBLE

Delivered Australia-wide from Brisbane.

Please checkout the video on our YouTube channel here.

More details, dimensions, weight etc. on our website.

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  • Can you use this to hunt Darth Vader?

    • Knife != Lightsaber

    • What makes this a hunting knife? I've never seen anyone skin or butcher with a tanto and it's certainly no sticker!

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    That looks like a pattern printed on regular steel, not damascus steel.

    • 100% genuine Damascus steel not the printed pattern at all.

      • Which steels in what ratio make up the Damascus?

        • Damascus 1095 & 15n20 steel forged.

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    Anyone considering this would do well to read comments on the seller's previous knife deals.

    • I just had a read through all those…
      Seems like this knife is good quality for the price to be honest.

      • Yes its pretty decent quality knife and the genuine leather sheath (handmade) is also included and also included is the postage AU wide. Shipping from Brisbane.

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    Are these from melted down ball bearings?

    • Damascus 1095 & 15n20 steel forged

    • This other steel kinfe here is made from stainless steel from the outer core of large ball bearings. Please check the video here

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    Cheap import knives from pakistan, evasive rep answers when questioned about the quality of the steel, and quality testing of the knives. Click on literally any knife posting on the rep's post history.

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      These are not cheap imports. The quality knives made to order and meeting quality requirements. Why don't you give it a try? We'll happliy accept a return if you are not happy.

      • +3

        No thank you. I'm quite happy with my nearly-indestructible Mora Companion with plastic sheath, made in Sweden out of quality stainless steel for $24

        • Yes that is a good knife too not a handmade though. Some knife enthusiats have liking for the handmade knives and happy to pay a bit extra for that.

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            @pepnimble: Can I give you some free advice? Stop replying to comments unless they are direct questions about the products. Don't engage, and definitely stop trying to "defend" your products. You're coming across as hugely unprofessional. You will always have people questioning or criticising your products, but when you try to defend them or your company you will always come across as the lady doth protest too much and it's a really bad look.

            Let your products speak for themselves. Stop arguing with potential customers. You'll gain a lot more goodwill if if you stop being so defensive. People will always criticise your products, and no matter how you think you need to correct the record, doing so just makes you appear that you can't let your products speak for themselves against some random comments on Ozbargain.

            (oh, and before you reflexively down vote, I am not saying that the comments that are critical are wrong to be critical, I think they're right to question and be critical)

    • So far since posting the deal most knives have been sold to return customers i.e. those who have bought our knives before.

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        Curious that these return customers aren't posting these bargain knives then.


        • Ozbargain has millions of users and not everyone posts comments.

          Hope you understand that we are not a large multinational business listed on Australian stock exchange or something like that and we haven't got a large customer base at the moment but it is increasing though. Also please note that most of our knives are selling to walk-in local customers. We are a small family owned small business trying to put food on the table for the family. We are located in Brisbane. We are also running a computer sales and repairs business for quite some time now. Please do an ABN search for 54993753536. Also please check the reviews for our computer sales and repairs business here to get some idea that we are honest people and not doing business do cheat and dodge anyone. Our knives are decent quality and from time to time we keep posting deals on Ozbargain that we believe are great value for money bargains.

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    Why is this a bargain op?

  • $45 for a handmade Damascus steel, full-tang knife with genuine leather handmade sheath and including shipping cost AU wide from Brisbane is surely a nice bargain.

  • Not going to buy one as i have too many knives already, but giving you a + because it looks like a decent knife for the money.

    OP, perhaps you could jump on YouTube and send the knife to a few Aussie knife channels for them to review. It would do a lot for the future sales of your blades.

    • Thanks for that. Yes thinking of doing that in next few months.

  • I have a love for knives, especially hand-forged or Damascus. Bought 2, received within the specified time frame.

    They were packaged really well and came with their own cotton carry bag and tailored leather sheath.

    The quality is exceptional for the price, thank you. Have bookmarked your site, will definitely browse regularly.

    • So glad to hear that you liked the knives and overall packaging and service. Thanks so much for the appreciation and bookmarking our website. I am sure that you being fond of Damascus knives would already know how to care for these beauties. Anyway please do have a look at our blog article about the caring of these knives.. As it is common that leather sheaths can cause rusting on the metal blade if stored long term in it so it is highly recommened that when storing the knife while in the sheath for longer periods you should put some non-toxic mineral oil on the blade and better if you can wrap the kinfe in the cling wrap to avoid direct contact between metal and leather surfaces. Please do share with us if you know ways and tips about knife care that works better.

      • thanks for the link, is a great read.

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